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Jul 7, 2019
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Patch Notes 1.5.24 [Original Server] 10/25/20

From the Designers: Halloween is coming soon! In this patch, we have brought you a brand new map - “Halloween Carnival”

In this new map, we have used the dark night theme to express the Halloween atmosphere, and added elements such as pumpkin lanterns, coffins, tombstones and other elements that fit the Halloween atmosphere. In addition, the minions have also picked up sickles and pumpkin shields. More subtle designs are waiting for you to discover!

I. New Heroes & Revamped Heroes

1. Benedetta, the Shadow Ranger, will be available on November 7th (Server Time). Diamond 599. Battle Point 32,000.

Hero Feature: A ranger that fights for hope.

Skill 1 - [Phantom Slash]:

Benedetta withdraws swiftly and leaves a shadow in front. After a short delay, her shadow slashes forward in a fan-shaped area, dealing Physical Damage and slowing the enemies. Meanwhile, Benedetta dashes forward to slash, dealing Physical Damage. (If the target is hit by her shadow, damage caused by Benedetta herself will increase.)

Skill 2 - [An Eye for An Eye]:

Benedetta raises her weapon to defend, gains Control Immunity and blocks damage from any source in a period of time. After defense, she stabs in a designated direction dealing Physical Damage. If Benedetta defends a CC effect successfully during defense, she will gain full Sword Intent and stun the target.

Ultimate - [Alecto: Final Blow]:

Benedetta clenches Alecto and slashes forward after a short delay (invincible while dashing), slowing all targets on the path. After dashing, Benedetta detonates Sword Intent on the path, strangling the enemy with the Sword Intent, dealing Physical Damage and slowing the enemy.

Passive - [Elapsed Daytime]:

When holding down the [Basic Attack] button, Benedetta enters a Swordout state and keeps gathering the Sword Intent. If releasing the [Basic Attack] button after the Sword Intent is fully charged, Benedetta will use Swordout Slash in [the direction she’s facing] and dash forward, dealing Physical Damage (identified as Skill Damage and decays on minions and creeps) to enemies on the path. Only when Benedetta is in Swordout State and her Sword Intent is fully charged, she can release the Swordout Slash. Benedetta can also gain Sword Intent when dealing damage via Basic Attack and Skills.

2. In this patch we have revamped Lapu-Lapu, the Courageous Blade!

[From the Designers] Having two stances of twin blades and heavy sword, as well as the mechanisms in corresponding stances, is the biggest feature of the revamped Lapu-Lapu. In the revamp, we have retained his main feature of swapping weapons and redesigned his skills. Our purpose is to highlight the difference between his two stances and create more possibilities for this old hero.

Hero Feature: The warrior that fights for freedom and has two stances.

Passive - [Homeland Defender]:

Each time Lapu-Lapu deals damage, he gains [Bravery Blessing]. When his [Bravery Blessing] is full, his next Basic Attack or [Justice Blades] will be enhanced, granting Lapu-Lapu a shield that can absorb damage. The enhanced [Basic Attack] will cause him to dash toward the target, dealing Physical Damage. The enhanced [Justice Blades] will slow the target.

Skill 1: [Justice Blades] (Twin-Blade Stance):

Lapu-Lapu releases two boomerangs in the designated direction. Each boomerang deals Physical Damage to enemies hit on its way out or back. If the two boomerangs hit the same target, it will only deal part of the damage with the second boomerang. Each target can take damage 4 times at most.

[Land Shaker] (Heavy-Sword Stance):

Lapu-Lapu gathers strength with his heavy sword Then Lapu-Lapu slashes with his heavy sword in a designated direction, dealing Physical Damage to enemies hit and stunning them.

Skill 2: [Jungle Warrior] (Twin-Blade Stance):

Lapu-Lapu slashes his twin blades and charges in a designated direction, dealing Physical Damage to enemies on the path.

[Storm Sword] (Heavy-Sword Stance): Lapu-Lapu whirls his heavy sword, dealing, Physical Damage to nearby enemies. For each enemy hero hit, he gains a damage reduction.

Ultimate: [Bravest Fighter] (Twin-Blade Stance):

Lapu-Lapu leaps up in the air, combines his twin blades into one, and lands on the ground, dealing Physical Damage to enemies in the area and slowing them. He then enters the [Heavy Sword Stance).

[Raging Slash] (Heavy-Sword Stance):

Lapu-Lapu releases three continuous slashes with his heavy sword forward deals Physical Damage. During the slashes Lapu-Lapu is immune to control effects. Right after each slash, he is able to change his direction and slightly move.

II. Hero Adjustments

In this patch, we have made significant adjustments to the following heroes: Belerick, Minotaur, Johnson, Barats, Grock, Roger, Baxia, Khufra, Hilda, Bruno, Granger, and Karrie.
  • Use → to indicate the changes.
  • Use (↑) (↓) (~) to indicate strengthening, nerfing, and adjustments.
[Belerick] (↑)

In the new patch, more importance is attached to laning, so it is more difficult for Belerick to play a role in team fights. In order to handle this problem, we've strengthened his durability and mobility.

"It's time to share some love on this old friend."

Attribute (↑):
  • Base HP: 2719 → 2819
  • HP Growth: 235 → 245
Skill 2 (↑):
  • Restoration of HP Lost: 8% → 10%
  • Movement Speed Boost increased (decaying over time)
Ultimate (↑):
Skill animation and backswing slightly shortened.

[Minotaur] (↑)

We've strengthened his damage taking ability in Rage State.

Attribute (↑):
  • Base HP: 2709 → 2859
  • Base Magic Defense: 10 → 5
Passive (↑):
Physical & Magic Defense Boost in Rage State: 11.5-32.5 → 14-70

[Grock] (↑)

We've enhanced his competitiveness among Tanks!

Skill 1 (↑):
  • Physical Attack Bonus: 80% → 120% (Scales with charging time)
  • Cooldown: 6 → 5
[Johnson] (↑)

In order to increase the utility of the Ultimate, we've reduced its control difficulty and early game cooldown.

Ultimate (↑):
Optimized control feeling. Cooldown: 53-43 → 45-40
Base Damage: 400-600 → 300-500

[Barats] (~)

We hope Barats performance will be more balanced both at advantages and disadvantages.

Passive (~):
Shield provided by each stack of Big Guy: 5 → 3-6 (grows at Lv. 4, 8, and 12)

Ultimate (~):
  • His damage doesn't grow with increased body size anymore.
  • New Effect: Devouring the target will recover up to 20% of Max HP.
[Bruno] (↑)

Due to the changes in the latest patch, it is difficult for Bruno to take advantage by aggression. Thus, we've increased his early-game damage in order to help him regain his lane domination.

Skill 1 (↑):
  • Base Damage: 95-245 → 120-270
  • Mana Cost: 90-140 → 75-125
[Granger] (↑)

After the adjustments in the last patch, Granger still had difficulty establishing an advantage in the early game, and was somewhat weak in the late game. So we continue to adjust his damage.

Attribute (↑):
Physical Attack Growth: 16 → 18

Ultimate (↑):
Base Damage: 30-120 → 80-160

[Karrie] (↑)

We hope that Karrie can exert her strength earlier in the fight against tank heroes. Therefore, we have adjusted the early-game damage of his Passive.

Passive (↑):
Max HP Ratio of Damage: 6-12% → 8%-12%

[Saber] (↑)

Skill 1 (↑):
Base Penetration Damage: 192-252 → 210-260

[Luo Yi] (↑)

We've buffed her core ability as a Mage.

Passive (↑):
  • Magic Power Bonus of the Reaction Damage: 150% → 180%
  • Magic Power Bonus of the Shield 120% → 150%
[Ling] (↓)

As the laning difference gradually became clear, Ling's mobility and high burst made him overpowered when jungling, especially in the high-rank matches, so we have to nerf him again.

"Sorry, bro."

Ultimate (↓):
Cooldown: 42-36s → 52-46s

[Roger] (↓)

We've weakened his ability to take damage and restrict enemies.

Passive (Human Form) (↓):
Slow Effect: 20% → 10%

Ultimate (Wolf Form) (↓):
Physical & Magic Defense Boost: 40-100 → 20-50

[Baxia] (↓)

We've weakened his durability and benefits of charging, which will lead to a high requirement of the skill hit rate, while his attacks still have a great impact on enemies.

Passive (↓):
Damage Reduction: 35 → 25

Skill 2 (↑):
Max HP Bonus of Damage: 5% → 6%

Ultimate (↓):
  • Base Damage: 50-70 → 40-60
  • Damage Reduction Boost: 75% → 140%
  • Total Damage Reduction effect almost unchanged
[Khufra] (↓)

We've nerfed him in the early and middle game.

Skill 1 (↓):
Base Damage: 150-250 → 50-100
Max HP Bonus of Damage: 7.5%-10% → 7%-12%

Skill 2 (↓):
Physical & Magic Defense Boost: 50%-100% → 30%-100%
Max HP Bonus of Damage: 3.5-6% → 3-6%

[Hilda] (↓)
We have adjusted the damage increase of each stack of Power of Wildness, while we have kept the effect of full stacks the same.

Ultimate (↓):
Damage Increase of each stack of Power of Wildness: 50-60 → 25-35.

[Lunox] (~)

Ultimate (Chaos) (~):
Base Damage after blink: 300 → 250-450

III. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

1. Luo Yi's Skin [Tenko] will be available on October 27th (Server Time). Diamond 599. Launch week 30% OFF. [Luo Yi] and Skin [Tenko] will be in a bundle and available on October 27th (Server Time). Launch week 30% OFF.

Arcade Mode - [Magic Chess]:

2. Connie, the Star Catcher, will be available on October 30th (Server Time). Diamond 499. Battle Point 24,000. Launch week 30% OFF. Connie's Skin [Tender Fluff] will be available on October 30th (Server Time). Diamond 269. Launch week 30% OFF. Little Commander [Connie] and Skin [Tender Fluff] will be in a bundle and available on October 30th (Server Time). Launch week 30% OFF.

3. Fragment Shop Adjustments on October 28th (Server Time):

a. Rare Skin Fragment Shop

Will be available:
  1. Pigeoneer - Diggie
  2. Kaminari - Kaja
  3. Nightarrow - Irithel
  4. Rock and Roll - Clint
  5. Viscount - Alucard
  6. Dark Draconic - Argus
Will be unavailable:
  1. Dove&Love - Angela
  2. Dragon Hunter - Freya
  3. Akazonae Samurai - Akai
  4. Shanghai Maiden - Angela
  5. Deep Sea Rescuer - Cyclops
  6. Plunderous Pirate - Claude
b. Hero Fragment Shop

Will be available: Luo Yi, Leomord, Chang'e, Yi Sun-shin, Aldous, Irithel
Will be unavailable: Granger, Badang, Lylia, Diggie, Silvanna, Uranus

4. Free Heroes:

Server Time 10/30/2020 05:01:00 to 11/6/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
  • 8 Free Heroes: Hayabusa; Fanny; Moskov; Thamuz; Harley; Dyrroth; Hylos; Baxia
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Chang'e; Johnson; Diggie; Rafaela; Lancelot; Kimmy
Server Time 11/6/2020 05:01:00 to 11/13/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
  • 8 Free Heroes: Harith; Rafaela; Belerick; Aurora; Atlas; Grock; X. Borg; Lunox
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Carmilla; Valir; Helcurt; Yi Sun-shin; Bruno; Hanabi
Server Time 11/13/2020 05:01:00 to 11/20/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
  • 8 Free Heroes: Natalia; Minotaur; Roger; Diggie; Terizla; Gusion; Faramis; Silvanna
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Sun; Masha; Vexana; Badang; Aldous; Uranus

5. Magic Chess Pass will be updated on October 30th. Purchase to get New Starlight Skin [Scavenger Eggie] and new Chessboard [Jungle Ruins].

IV. Battlefield Adjustments


1. The turret energy shield lasts 210s → 300s
2. Natural gold gain is changed from 2 gold every 1s → 5gold every 2s.
3. Natural Exp gain is adjusted, but the number of each minute is almost the same as before.
4. Movement Speed growth duration of minions:
  • 8 minutes → 9 minutes
  • Increase every minute: 10 → 15
  • Increase Limit: 70 → 120
5. Removed the Walkie Grass that follows the killer of Lithowanderer. Movement Speed Boost remains the same.
6. In the first 3 minutes, now the pop-up reminder appears each time you've killed 6 minions with Jungle Equipment Items instead of killing 3 minions.

  1. Crammer: Base gold bonus increased by 20%.
  2. Crimson Lizard: Base gold bonus increased by 20%.
  3. Little Crab: Refreshed every 20s instead of 15s. Becomes Crab at the 180s instead of the 90s.


1. Wind of Nature: Unique Passive - Wind Chant: Cooldown: 80 → 70s

V. New Functions & New Events

1. [Blazing West] event will be available on November 14th with FREE Gifts every week!

a. Preorder the event from Nov. 14th to Nov. 20th to claim Bounties immediately.
b. Log in game on Nov. 21st to claim one of the two new emotes for FREE.
c. Log in game on Nov. 28th to claim Starlight Scores for FREE.
d. Log in game on Dec. 5th to claim limited special avatar border for FREE.
e. Log in game on Dec. 12th to claim the mysterious new hero for FREE.

2. Double 11 Diamond Vault will be available for a limited time! Participate in the lucky draw to win X.Borg's new Epic Skin [Tesla Maniac] and more rare skins!

3. Esports

a. MCL Bounty Rush will be available from Nov. 14th to Dec. 12th.
b. Based on the original game mode, you can win points by playing MCL matches during the event.
c. The rankings are decided by players' points. If the points of two or more players are the same, the rankings will be decided by their medal points.
d. Added new MCL Prize Pool Players will share the prize nool according to their rankings.
e. You can check the detailed rules on the MCL interface.

VI. System Adjustments

1. Added the entrance to the Land of Dawn on the hero interface. Currently, only the Agelta Drylands is unlocked.
  • You can view the land features of the Agelta Drylands and the information of the places in this area.
  • You can view the information of the heroes in this area and their relationships.
2. Optimized the team-up rules in matchmaking mechanism.
  • The team-up player numbers of the two teams must be the same. (Will, gradually take effect in the new patch).
  • The teams of players with different ranks will be matched together first. (Will gradually take effect in the new patch).
3. For the AFK players, their matchmaking will take longer time in the next period of time.

4. Draft Pick Adjustments
  • Now you can show your win rate when swapping heroes in the last stage of preparation in Draft Pick.
  • If you choose to ban the hero which is pre-selected by your teammate, you will need to confirm it.
5. Optimized the interface of getting items. Now you can close the interface directly.

6. Added the "Highlights" function for iOS players. Now you can record your most exciting moments in matches!

VII. Bug Fix

1. Fixed the issue where minions go directly to the enemy base in some cases.
2. Fixed the issue where Wanwan cannot deal damage with her Ultimate in some cases.
3. Fixed the issue where Vale cannot get Assists by using his Ultimate to control enemies.
4. Fixed the abnormal indicator when Kimmy uses Basic Attack after casting Skill 1.
5. Fixed the issue of Nana's Passive when she is resurrected by Faramis.
6. Fixed the issue where a wrong target is locked on when Atlas is in Ejected State in some cases.
7. Optimized the performance of Hanzo's Ultimate when the skill icon position is customized.
8. Fixed the performance issue of Diggie's Skill 2 on some heroes.
9. Fixed the incorrect number of HP/Mana Regen.
10. Fixed the issue where profiles can be liked unlimitedly.
11. Fixed the issue where players cannot send gifts in some cases.
12. Fixed the incorrect follow limit.
13. Fixed the UI issue on the Ban/Pick interface.
14. Fixed the issue where the main heroes of players ranked below Epic are not displayed in lobbies in Ranked Mode.

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