Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.24 Review - Featuring all the buffed Tank Heroes

In the newest patch notes 1.5.24, the underused tank heroes are strengthened in order to motivate players to give them a try. In this review, there will also be an analysis on the adjustment to get an idea if these heroes can be viable and be unreplaceable in the current battlefield situation.

1. Belerick


Belerick is one of the highlights in the new patch. Because of the new system brought by Project Next, more importance is attached to laning, so it is more difficult for Belerick to play a role in team fights. In order to handle this problem, the developers strengthened his durability and mobility.

His Base HP was increased to 2819. His HP also now increase by 245 points every time he levels up. Combine this with his passive and imagine the amount of HP that he will have because of this adjustment!

The restoration of HP lost in his skill to was also adjusted from 8% to 10% same with his Movement Speed boost that was also increased but it decays over time. His ultimate skill animation and backswing are now also slightly shortened.

His durability especially in terms of HP is almost equal with Hylos. The signature for Belerick would be his skill 2 which makes him a very good roamer now or even as an offlane while being able to set teamfights because of his ultimate skill. He is now a reasonable pick because of better stats that can replace other META heroes if ever they are banned.

2. Minotaur


The developers strengthened his damage taking ability in Rage State. The adjustments are not limited to his passive but also to his attributes that is why even if he is not in Rage State, the buff can be felt.

His physical and magic defense boost in Rage State is increased to 14-70. This is actually more than double of his previous stats (from 32.5 to 70). In his attributes, his Base HP was increased to 2859, a bit higher than Belerick. Although, take note that to balance his adjustments, his base Magic Defense was reduced to 5 similar with Ruby.

Minotaur had been considered replaceable since Atlas was released. But since Atlas was nerfed last patch and its pick rate drops, Minotaur is now longer a second option. Minotaur is now tankier than Atlas although the main difference would be mobility since Atlas has skill 2 while Minotaur's skill 1 does not make him that mobile.

Minotaur has potential too to be popular and undoubtedly now viable in the META since his stats are now in the same level as with the other META tanks.

3. Grock


The developers enhanced his competitiveness among Tanks. Grock is not actually a setter type but his uniqueness was the one that made him META and irreplaceable. Although after the implementation of the new system, Grock's pick rate drops due to the need of an ability of a roamer to have a great teamfight abilities along with being able to kill the enemy jungler.

Actually Grock has those abilities. It is just that his ability to harass the enemy jungler is inferior compared to Hilda and even to fighters that are now used as tanks like Jawhead and Khaleed. But with this update, he is expected to become popular again.

His Skill 1 has now a lower cooldown (5 seconds) and its Physical Attack Bonus is now 120% (Scales with charging time). This would make his wave clear and damage potential superior again!

4. Johnson


In order to increase the utility of the Ultimate, the developers reduced its control difficulty and early game cooldown. The reason why only few players use him is because of that difficulty in his mechanics. Being also quite difficult to control does not compensate the user well because of his inferior stats.

His stats are only inferior in a way that he is only maximized in few situations but not generally. He is also somehow item dependent. But this abilities made him an irreplaceable tank since he has a lot of signature capabilities.

The adjustments made to him was an optimization of control feeling, cooldown reduced to 45-40, and the base damage adjusted from 400-600 to 300-500.

As already mentioned, he is perfect when used at the right conditions that is why his base damage was reduced to not make him overpowered. He is viable and irreplaceable. It is just that some players might have forgotten him even if the situation and conditions for Johnson to be the best pick is already present.

In conclusion, all four heroes that was buffed in the latest patch notes have potential to be now more viable and not absolutely inferior to the current best tanks.

Try using these tank heroes now and tell us your thoughts below! Stay tuned for more news and updates.