Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.30 (Advanced Server)


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Jul 7, 2019
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Patch Notes 1.5.30 [Advanced Server] 11/12/20

I. New Heroes & Revamped Heroes

1. [Paquito], the Heavenly Fist, will be available for a free trial for a limited time on Advanced Server. Unavailable for purchase.

Hero Feature: A firm and righteous champion.

Skill 1 - [Parry]:

Paquito can Parry for a while, reducing his damage taken and increasing Movement Speed [Use Again]: Paquito throws forth a heavy blow, dealing Physical Damage. [Champ Stance] Enhanced Lengthens the duration of Parry and increases damage reduction, Paquito launches a hook afterward that deals higher damage.

Skill 2 - [Jab]:

Paquito dashes forth and throws a jab, dealing Physical Damage to all enemies within area of effect. [Champ Stance] Enhanced: Gives Paquito's jab even more striking force, dealing higher Physical Damage to enemies within area of effect.

Ultimate - [Annihilation Strike]:

Paquito launches an elbow strike to all enemies in 'front, dealing Physical Damage and pushing them to the destination. He then swings a haymaker at rapid speed, dealing Physical Damage and slowing targets, as he darts back. [Champ Stance] Enhanced: Having pushed enemies to the destination, Paquito launches an uppercut, dealing Physical Damage and knocking his enemies airborne instead of slowing them.

Passive - [Champ Stance]:

Paquito builds stacks when damaging enemies with his Basic Attacks or casting skills. Once 4 stacks have been reached, he enters [Champ Stance]: enhancing Paquito's next skill and skipping its cooldown. Paquito excels in his technique and has a higher Base Attack Speed.

II. Hero Adjustments
  • Use → to indicate the changes.
  • Use (↑) (↓) (~) to indicate strengthening, nerfing, and adjustments.
[Mathilda] (↓)
  • Passive (↓): Base Damage of Enhanced Basic Attack: 150 → 135
  • Skill 1 (↓): Damage Decay Ratio of Multiple Wisps: 30-50% → 30-45%
[Yve] (↑)

Skill 2 (↑): Cooldown: 15-125 → 14-125

[Brody] (↓)

In previous adjustments, his damage has been overly enhanced, so we will revert some of his damage values.
  • Skill 1 (↓): Base Damage: 250-650 → 150-550
  • Basic Attack (↑): Fixed the issue where Brody's Basic Attack would be interrupted and disabled when he was silenced.
[Kimmy] (↑)
  • Basic Attack (↑): Total Physical Attack Bonus: 30-41% (scales with level) → 35-46% (scales with level)
  • Skill 1 (↑): Total Magic Power Bonus: 40-50% → 45-55%

[Helcurt] (~)

Skill 1 (~):
  • Silences targets → Slows targets
  • Slows targets during his Ultimate → Silences targets during his Ultimate

[Chou] (~)

This time, we are aiming at enhancing some Heroes when fighting against Chou. We also want to improve his survivability without changing his overall strength, so as to offer better experiences to both sides.

Attribute (↑): HP Growth: 191 → 202

Ultimate (↓):
  • Removed Control Immunity when casting the 2nd phase of his Ultimate.
  • Optimized the skill to ensure its actual and displayed effects are consistent.
[Esmeralda] (↓)

Esmeralda can keep refreshing the cooldown to reach a high amount of Shield before attack. In order to make Esmeralda cast her Skill 1 much earlier in team fights instead of stacking up her Shield, we made some adjustments.

Skill 1 (~):
  • Duration: 5s → 4s
  • Base Shield: 400-750 → 500-850
Skill 2 (~):
Skill 1 Cooldown Reduction for each hero unit hit: 1s → 1.3s
Skill 1 Cooldown Reduction for each non-hero unit hit: 1s → 0.5s

Ultimate (↓): Now the cooldown starts upon casting or the end of charging.

[Khufra] (↓)

Khufra's control ability is overly strong for opponents to counter, thus other Tank Heroes are less frequently used by players. Therefore, we've adjusted his overpowered control ability.
  • Skill 1 (↓): Max Moving Distance reduced by 14%.
  • Skill 2 (↓): Unable to block the Battle Spell - Flicker.
[Aldous] (↑)

We've slightly enhanced Aldous' strength in the early game.
Skill 1 (↑): Base Damage of Enhanced Basic Attack: 150-400 → 200-450

[Uranus] (↓)

Skill 1 (↓): Removed the reduction of targets Physical Attack & Magic Power.

[Hanabi] (~)

Reverted to the same state as on the Official Server.
  • Skill 1 (↑): Damage Ratio of the first bounce: 45% → 50%
  • Passive (↓): Shield Limit: 30% → 20% (of Max HP)
[Luo Yi] (↑)

We've optimized the hit rate and cooldown of her skills to offset her disadvantages during solo laning.
  • Skill 1 (↑): Skill width and casting speed increased by 10%
  • Ultimate (↑): Cooldown Reduction provided by this skill: 2-10% → 6-10%
[Yi Sun-shin] (↓)

We've increased the difficulty of using the Ultimate to expand his vision or get assists, to reduce opponents' pressure.
Ultimate (↓): Cooldown: 60s → 80-60s

III. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

1. Benedetta, the Shadow Ranger, will be available on November 14th (Server Time). Diamond 599. Batule Point 32,000.
2. Aldous' Skin [Blazing Force] will be available on November 13th (Server Time). Diamond 899. Launch week 30% OFF. [Aldous] and Skin [Blazing Force] will be in a bundle and available on November 13th (Server Time). Launch week 30% OFF.

3. Free Heroes:

Server Time 11/6/2020 05:01:00 to 11/13/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
  • 8 Free Heroes: Harith; Rafaela; Belerick; Aurora; Atlas; Grock; XBorg, Ling
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Carmilla; Valir; Helcurt; Yi Sun-shin; Bruno; Hanabi
Server Time 11/13/2020 05:01:00 to 11/20/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
  • 8 Free Heroes: Natalia; Minotaur; Roger; Diggie; Terizla; Gusion; Faramis; Silvanna
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Sun; Masha; Vexana; Badang; Aldous; Uranus
Arcade Mode - [Magic Chess]

4. Eva's Skin [Frost Princess] will be available on November 16th (Server Time). Diamond 599. Launch week 30% OFF. [Eva] and Skin [Frost Princess] will be in a bundle and available on November 16th (Server Time). Launch week 30% OFF.

IV. Battlefield Adjustments

1. Optimized the art of some ground textures and creeps in the map "Imperial Sanctuary"


1. Jungling Equipment

a. Unique Passive-Greed: Reduction of Gold and Exp from Minions in the first 5 minutes: 30% → 35%
b. Extra Gold earned for each kill or assist: 100 → 80

V. Bug Fix

1. Fixed the issue of Kadita's abnormal position after Johnson's car form ended once she had entered the car when using Skill 1.
2. Fixed the issue of Franco's Skill 1 when Cyclone Eye was triggered simultaneously.

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