Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.32 Review - The Highlighted Buffed Heroes

There are eleven heroes that are highlighted in the latest patch notes 1.5.32. There are four heroes that are significantly buffed among those eleven which is because of their lower than average win rate and pick rate. This will discuss the adjustments of the following heroes: Claude; Luo Yi; Kaja; and Lapu-Lapu

The order of the heroes will be in increasing win rate based on the stats in Legend and higher ranks the day after a week of the newest patch notes 1.5.32.

1. Lapu-Lapu
Current Win Rate: 50.73%


First on our list is the newly revamped and now more stronger Lapu-Lapu. Before this patch note, he only has around 48% win rate. His pick rate also significantly increased. Here are the adjustments to Lapu-Lapu.

Optimized the skill casting and performance.
  • Ultimate (Heavy-Sword) (↑): Largely increased the distance of each movement.
  • Ultimate (Heavy-Sword) (↑): Fixed a bug that caused it not to change direction in some occasions.
Optimized the skill casting and performance of Skill 1 and Passive, all skill icons, and the battle model of "Ancestral Blade".

Those are the changes that significantly affected Lapu-Lapu's stats.

2. Kaja
Current Win Rate: 51.11%

images (7).jpeg

Kaja is one of the least picked heroes. Even after the buff, his pick rate is still very low but his win rate increased by a lot. Lapu-Lapu has higher win rate before but now Kaja has a better win rate. Here are the adjustments to Kaja:

Slightly enhanced his farming speed.

Passive (↑): Extra Damage of Enhanced Basic Attack to Minions and Creeps. 4% → 12% (of Max HP)

Optimized the first two recommended builds.

Kaja is really an underrated hero that is why the adjustment might look minimal to some players. That buff actually not only helped him to clear the lanes fast but also made him a potential midgame monster that once he is farmed, he can one combo kill any squishy heroes even as a roamer or soft sidelaner. He is definitely one of the heroes that you should try out using again right now!

3. Luo Yi
Current Win Rate: 51.19%

She is just 0.08% higher than Kaja's win rate and she also has lower win rate before than Lapu-Lapu. But now, she is back again to the list of the mage heroes with the highest win rate. Here are the adjustments to Luo Yi:

Optimized the hit rate and cooldown of her skills to offset her disadvantages during solo laning in early stages. Her damage has been slightly decreased to counterbalance the effect of the above changes.

Skill 1 (~): Skill width and casting speed increased by 10%

  • Mana Cost: 60-100 → 50-90
  • Base Damage: 230-430 → 210-410
Ultimate (↑): Cooldown Reduction provided by this skill: 2-10% → 6-10%

One of the reason why she slightly fall off the META is because she has been outranged by other potential midlaners and her first skill has low success hit rate. That is why this adjustment lower her risk of being bullied in the laning phase and bring back the aggressive playstyle for Luo Yi. Her pick rate also increased which means more players are using her again and has been successful.

4. Claude
Current Win Rate: 51.95%

images (6).jpeg

He is not only the hero with the highest current win rate among the heroes in this list but he also has the highest pick rate with 1.06% which is already higher than average. Here are the adjustments to Claude:

His damage before purchasing "Demon Hunter Sword" has been increased.

Ultimate (↑):

  • Base Damage of each hit: 70-100 → 120-160
  • Damage to Minions: 400% → 300%
The adjustments focused on making Claude better in teamfights. Increasing the damage also means higher self-heal from lifesteal that he will gain. This also made him capable of joining teamfights even without Demon Hunter Sword wherein getting a kill might mean a faster farming for Claude. This is very good especially for Claude in Gold Lane that is usually ambushed by the enemies. With proper micro and macro play, Claude can really dominate the game again and he is definitely back in being one of the best carry heroes.

That concludes the list of the highlighted buffed heroes in the latest patch notes with Claude having the current highest win rate.

Try out these heroes now and tell us your thoughts by commenting below! Stay tuned!