Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.38 Original Server Highlights - Hero and Battlefield Adjustments

With so many adjustments brought by the newest patch, here are some very important highlights to take note. These are only some of the adjustments but these are also the most significant ones.


This will begin in discussing the major hero adjustments.


The first set of heroes will be Alpha, Harley, and Belerick, which are all received some buffs to strengthen them. Carmilla's ultimate skill casting is also optimized.


In the second set of heroes, the marksman heroes Bruno and Clint both received a buff. Meanwhile, Barats and Lunox are nerfed. Benedetta on the other hand received a buff on skill 2 but her passive is nerfed. Her skill 1 also received both a buff and nerf in terms of overall skill description.

For the battlefield adjustments, there are significant changes made with about the turret and jungle monsters.


First, allied turrets have new effect which makes nearby allies take lesser damage when the turret shield is active.

Second, the buff monsters, and also the turtle, will have earlier spawn time. The turtle has higher defense while the buff monsters now has shorter spawn interval but shorter buff duration too.

Feel free to check out the other details of the newest patch note by reading its contents sent to the inbox of every player in-game after the update.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!