Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.46 Review - Hero Adjustments

The long awaited adjustments like a buff on Fanny along with other buff on unpopular heroes have arrived in the Land of Dawn. Let's have a quick recap on which heroes are buffed and which heroes are nerfed.


The heroes with low win rates namely: Johnson, Clint, Moskov, and Grock, all received significant buffs in the update. Johnson's ultimate skill is optimized. Clint's blink skill has now lower cooldown. Moskov now deals higher damage in the early game. And Grock has now better offensive and defensive abilities.


Fanny, Ling, and Alpha, also received some buffs. Fanny's skill 2 has now lesser energy cost. Ling has now higher energy regen speed. And Alpha's skill 2 is greatly optimized. Meanwhile, Uranus who fall out of the META due to the previous nerfs, has given a higher HP regen to improve his survivability.


The current overpowered META heroes were also adjusted. Brody's damage is reduced in the early game. Lapu-Lapu's survivability was reduced. Khaleed's skill 1 damage was slightly decreased. And both Mathilda and Benedetta received a nerf on their early game damage.


Carmilla, Hanabi, Balmond, Jawhead, and Popol and Kupa also received minimal adjustments. Overall, there are 18 heroes that were adjusted in this patch note. These adjustments are expected to make the current battlefield situation more balance.

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