Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.52 Original Server Review - Hero Adjustments

There were only three heroes adjusted in the Patch 1.5.52. These are Barats, Granger, and Carmilla. Let's have a quick review on the adjustments and the current status of these heroes.

1. Barats

Based on the developers' research and analysis, they decided to nerf Barats' damage when it's equipped with defensive builds.

They have also increased it's defense attributes to make Barats more a Tank than a Fighter.

As compensation for damage output, they enhanced its damage when Barats is equipped with DPS builds.

Base Physical Defense: 12 → 20
Physical Defense Growth: 3.13 → 3.6

Total HP Bonus for enhanced Basic Attacks: 4% → 2%
Physical Attack Bonus for enhanced Basic Attacks: 120% → 140%
Physical Defense provided by each stack: 1-4 → 2-5

Skill 1(~):
Total HP Bonus for the initial Damage dealt: 8% → 6%
Physical Attack Bonus for subsequent Damage: 170% → 200%

To summarize, they just increased the defense stats of Barats while lowering his damage when equipped with HP items.

2. Granger

images (18).jpeg

As a Marksman, Granger only dealt low damage with Basic Attacks, so they increased his Base Basic Attack Damage, hoping that he could use it to achieve higher damage output and to keep him strong enough in the early to mid game.


Basic Attack Damage:
20 +110% Total Physical Attack → 50 + 110% Total Physical Attack

This is just a minor buff. Just an additional 30 base damage on his basic attacks. Granger is already a balanced hero, not too weak, and not too overpowered. Another possible why they might want to strengthen Granger's basic attacks is to make him a good option too as a Jungler.

3. Carmilla

images (23).jpeg

Her sustainability in the early and late game has been increased.

Skill 1(↑):
Base HP Regen: 50-150 → 75-150
Magic Power Bonus: 25% → 35%

Carmilla is still one of the least picked heroes in ranked games. In order to have a more diverse hero picks and make a more balance battlefield situation, this buff might make some more players to try using her.

Overall, the most significant adjustment made in this patch was the balancing on Barats. The adjustments on Granger and Carmilla were minor ones and aim to make more players use them.

Which heroes do you think still need adjustments? Tell us your thoughts by commenting below and stay tuned!