Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.62 Preview - Revamped Argus and Beatrix are coming!

The newest Patch 1.5.62 will be applied in Original Server on March 16, 2021, server time. There will be a new hero, new commander, new mode, newly revamped Argus, hero and battlefield adjustments, and more.


Here are some of the highlights of this upcoming patch:

1. New Hero - Beatrix

This new hero will be a marksman. It is said that she can switch weapons which can change her skills and basic attacks effects according to what she is currently using. This will definitely give a new playing experience for everyone.

2. Revamped Hero - Argus


Argus had been out of the competitive scene. He is also one of the least picked heroes in higher ranks. That is why many players are really looking forward to this revamp. Expect a much better Argus that will definitely be viable and might be a must-buy hero for every player.

3. New Mode - Survival:Nexus


This new game mode will also give players a new experience as this is quite different from the usual 5v5 arena. This mode has a different map style. The players will also be able to choose between weapons and select which battle spells and equipments to pick up.

4. Magic Chess - New Commander

A new commander named Saki is arriving for Magic Chess. Its skin will be named Frangipani Saki. There will also be balance adjustments as Wrestler, Lightborn, and Los Pecados are buffed. Meanwhile, Astro Power, Cadia Riverlands, and Abyss will be nerfed.


Those are just some of the highlights of the upcoming patch. That's it for this patch preview.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!