Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.70 Hero Adjustments Exclusive to Advance Server

The Patch Note 1.5.70 arrived in Original Server. Yet, there are some changes that are still exclusive to the test server and not yet applied in the original server. Here are the hero adjustments that might come to the original server soon.

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[Revamped Karina](↓)

[Skill 1](↓):
Slightly reduced the distance she charges.
Reduced damage for the second part of the Ultimate, moving its focus to functionality rather than just dealing damage.

Karina will receive a revamp that is why she hasn't receive any adjustments in the original server for a while now already. The revamped version looks overpowered that is why it received a nerf on Advance Server.

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[Revamped Bane](↓)

Damage: 128-170% Physical Attack → 125-160% Physical Attack
The rebounding cannon no longer stacks Passive effects.

The revamped Bane has a different passive from the current Bane in the Original Server. The changes made were still on test that is why this will remain in the advance server until the developers think it's already suitable to be applied in the original server.


Adjustments made to improve the experience of Gloo with its Ultimate after it splits apart, and up the probability to successfully attach itself to targets. In light of Gloo's strength in the previous version, it will receive nerf significantly this time around.

Damage interval after splitting: 0.4s → 0.33s
Max HP gained after attached: 40-50% → 30-35%

The upcoming hero Gloo in original server will have the adjusted stats from the advance server. Gloo will be expected to be a balance hero already when it arrives in the original server.

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The developers found that Phoveus players rely upon his multi-stack Skill 1 in the early game, which makes him a little overpowered in the laning phase. Also, it's hard to deal with his Ultimate for opponents. As such Phoveus will mainly receive nerf on his early-game damage and shield in this version, while also reducing his Ultimate's AoE. To keep things balanced, his Magic Power bonus ratio will be boosted, however.

[Skill 1](↓):
Reduced Base Damage, and increased Magic Power bonus.
Reduced Base Shield, and increased Magic Power bonus.
Damage AoE: 5 → 4
Max Duration: 10s → 12s

Phoveus is another hero in the advance server yet to be released in the original server. He was adjusted as his abilities seems to be overpowered for the current battlefield situation.

Argus, Beatrix, and Yve, also received adjustments in Patch 1.5.70 Advance Server and the adjustments are already applied in the Original Server Patch Note 1.5.70 along with the previous hero adjustments from Patch 1.5.64 to 1.5.70 in Advance Server.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!
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