Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.70 Preview - New Hero Gloo and more!

A new patch is coming soon which will include the new hero, Gloo, Hero & Battlefield adjustments, Magic Chess' new season, Mayhem mode, new skins, and more.

Mobile Legends Hero Gloo.jpg

Gloo is a group of mischievous but kind creatures who can be either separate or merged as a unity. Aside from the new hero, adjustments for the current heroes will change the whole battlefield situation.


Some of the heroes to be adjusted include: Cyclops, Martis, Natalia, Ling, Claude, and more!


Mayhem mode also returns with additional 11 new heroes. There will also be skill description and skill icon optimizations.


Magic Chess will also have changes for the new season. The reworked synergy nature spirit will be introduced along with hero adjustments and season rewards!


Stay tuned for more news and updates!
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