Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.98 Revamped Heroes Adjustments - Karina and Minotaur Buffed; Sun Nerfed

Four heroes are revamped in the previous patch notes. It seemed that the revamp was still not perfect thus three of the revamped heroes are adjusted again in the latest patch notes. Here are the changes made to Karina, Minotaur, and Sun.


1. Karina

The developers noticed that Karina could be especially powerful on some rare occasions but was too weak most of the time. What makes her powerful is her ability to sustain damage with her Passive thus it was nerfed. Meanwhile, her single burst ability with Skill 2 was strengthened.

[Passive] (↓)
Extra damage dealt based on enemy's HP lost: 13% → 11%

[Skill 1] (~):
Movement Speed Boost: 35-50% → 45% (for all levels)

[Skill 2] (↑)
Damage: 305-430 + 115% Magic Power → 375-600 + 125% Magic Power


2. Minotaur

There was a slight change on Minotaur's Rage regeneration. Here's the story of the adjustment based on the patch note:

Minotaur now saves more rage due to his frustration at his lack of power.

[Passive] (↑):
Increased Rage regenerated from hitting non-hero units with skills.

[Ultimate] (↑):
Increased Rage regenerated by 10%.

3. Sun


Here's what the patch note says about Sun:

Sun summoned his Doppelgangers too frequently after the previous adjustments.

[Skill 1] (↓):
Cooldown: 10-7s → 10s

Ratio of Attributes inherited by the Doppleganger: 50% → 40%-55%

Alpha received no adjustments in this latest patch note that is why it seemed it was the most balanced and perfect revamped hero among the four. These adjustments were based on the current battlefield situation and thus aimed to make these heroes more balanced.

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