Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.10 Preview - New Hero Aulus, New Mythic Battlefield, and more

Before August 2021 ends, a new patch note will arrive in Mobile Legends; Bang Bang. This will include the release of the new hero, Aulus, the revamped Kimmy, new Mythic Battlefield, new skins, and other adjustments to be detailed in the patch note 1.6.10.


The release of new hero Aulus will be on August 31, 2021, a week after the patch note 1.6.10 will be implemented in the original server. The preview video already highlighted the abilities of this hero. Aside from a new hero, a previously-released hero, Kimmy, will get a revamp.


The highlights of the Revamped Kimmy is the visual indicator of the area of effect of her basic attack which also affects her skill 1. This made aiming easier and the area of effect also seems bigger.


For the adjustments, a new Mythic Battlefield will be implemented. It will have different attributes like the turrets will have more HP and the outer turrets provide more damage reduction to ally heroes nearby. The heroes to be adjusted were also highlighted in the preview.


Even Arcade Mode will have some updates as Magic Chess will get a new commander. The Arena Mode will also be revamped as new cards will be added and some cards will receive skill adjustments.


The upcoming skins were also announced. It was confirmed that a Uranus, a Pharsa, and an Aldous skin will come soon. The model of Moskov's skin Twilight Dragon will also get a revamp.

Here is the Inside Mobile Legends Spotlight Video for Patch 1.6.10

For more details, read the patch notes in-game. It will be sent through in-game mail.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!