Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.30 Advance Server - Buffs to Badang, Martis, and Kadita

Some of the adjustments in Patch 1.6.30 in Advance Server are already applied in the original server but some are still under testing. Noteworthy highlights of this patch note are the buffs to low contested heroes like Badang, Martis, and Kadita. Here are the details of their buffs.


1. Badang

Badang's damage in the early game were boosted

[Passive] (↑)
Passive's Extra Damage: 20% Physical Attack >> 50 + 50% Physical Attack
New Effect: Fist Wind from Badang's Skill 1 and Ultimate can also trigger the Passive's extra damage.
Added a 2s cooldown to the Passive's knockback effect

His passive now scales better with Physical Attack items and it now deals an extra base damage to make it impactful even in the early game.


2. Martis

Martis was handed a better tool to finish off his enemies.

New Effect: Killing an enemy with the Ultimate increases the Ultimate's damage by 15%, up to 30%

This seems a small buff to Martis but this might help to encourage players to explore Martis more. Sidelane tank Martis can be popularized aside from the Roaming tank and Jungler tank build.


3. Kadita

The mermaid princess is able to surf around at an even higher speed.

[Skill 1](↑)
Speed: 7>> 8

Extra Movement Speed: 30-60% >> 60% at All Levels

This would make dodging her skill 1 more difficult and thus Kadita can better land her combo with skill 2 and ultimate skill. Having that extra movement speed for her ultimate skill boosts her early game potential too.

It's been a while since this heroes were given spotlight that is why it would be exciting how much these buffs could affect their viability in the current battlefield situation.

What can you say about this update? Tell us your thoughts and stay tuned!