Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.48 Advance Server Nerfed Heroes Highlights - Yve, Pharsa, and Phoveus

There are three main nerfs made in the advance server, just around 2 weeks before the January 2022 Original Server update. Patch 1.6.48 features the nerfs to the two current overpowered midlaners, Yve and Pharsa, and Phoveus. Here are the details of the nerfs.


1. Yve

For Yve, both her skill 1 and ultimate skill has been nerfed. The cooldown of skill 1 is only affected for early to mid game but not at max level.

[Skill1] (↓)
Cooldown: 4.5-2.5s >> 6-2.5s

[Ultimate] (↓)
Cooldown: 55-45s >> 75-55s
Mana Cost: 110-190 >> 180-260

The increased mana cost can also limit the impact of her ultimate skill.


2. Pharsa

Meanwhile for Pharsa, it was a 10 seconds increase in the cooldown of her ultimate skill.

[Ultimate] (↓)
Cooldown: 36-28s >> 46-38s

Both Pharsa and Yve have great utilities with their respective ultimate skill that is why it is the target of the nerfs. This limits their access to these game-changing abilities. The developers might give compensation if these nerfs will be too much.


3. Phoveus

Aside from the two midlaners that is clearly a tier above the rest, Phoveus is also a top-tier hero in certain situations. His ultimate's cooldown was increased and durability slightly reduced.

[Skill 1] (↓)
Shield's HP Bonus: 8% >> 6%

[Ultimate] (↓)
Cooldown: 45-35s >> 60-40s

These heroes were designed to be situational picks rather than being splashable. Another problem too is that the conditions for them to be a perfect pick is also being spammed in the current metagame.

This concludes the main nerfs made on this advance server patch note. The other adjustments made in the advance server are about the previous changes made to heroes in the former test server patch notes that are still not on the original server. The adjustments will be summarized and expect these to be implemented in the upcoming original server update.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!