Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.56 Advance Server - The top three banned heroes are nerfed and a Yin Buff

Guild of Guardians
In preparation for the February 2022 Update, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang released another round of adjustments to balance out the battlefield. The highlights of the latest advance server patch note is the nerf on the Top 3 banned heroes in the global server while Yin is also buffed. Here are the details about their adjustments.


1. Valentina

We're slightly lowering the uptime of Valentina's Ultimate while smoothing out her damage scaling throughout the game.

[Skill 1] (~)
Base Damage: 320-620 >> 290-665

[Ultimate] (↓)
Cooldown: 35s >> 42s

Valentina's signature is her ultimate skill and it is reasonable to nerf it. Her skill 1 damage was also nerfed for the early game but increased its scaling as the game progresses. This should balance out her early game dominance without making her inferior in late game.


2. Edith

We're slightly nerfing Edith's combat capability when her Wrath is low.

[Ultimate] (↓)
Wrath-Based Attack Speed Boost: 50-150% >> 25-150%

Wrath-Based Lifesteal Boost: 10-30% >> 5-30%

Edith is one of the latter-released heroes and she really is still under balancing. She already seems balance upon release in the original server but in turns out that the players still find her overpowered. This nerf is necessary and time will tell on how will this impact her performance.


3. Gloo

Gloo has remained a powerhouse. We're tuning down its damage this time to give its foes a fairer chance against it.

[Skill 1] (↓)
Base Damage: 300-450 >> 260-360
Explosion Damage: 270-420 >> 220-320

[Skill 2] (↓)
Base Damage: 325-400 >> 250-300

The nerf this time with Gloo is about its damage. The base damage of its skill 1 and skill 2 were nerf, especially skill 1 because of its new effect that is one of the reasons why Gloo became a top hero after the previous month's update.


4. Yin

Yin's damage was slightly lower than we'd expected, so we're slightly buffing his damage in the transformed state in the early to mid game.

[Skill 1 (Lieh)] (↑)
Base Damage: 115-165 >> 130-180

Yin is the latest hero released and he is already balance but performed lower than expected. Thus, the developers maybe wanted to give Yin a chance to completely have a spotlight as a newly-released hero.

That is the summary of the highlights of Patch 1.6.56. The other updates include minor hero adjustments and some experimental changes that might not still be released in the next original server update. There will also be one of the heroes in advance server expected to be released in original server soon.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!