Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.66 Hotfix - Additional Balance Adjustments in the Original Server

To balance out the Season 24 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang battlefield situation, a hotfix was released. There are six heroes that were adjusted just a week after the huge March 2022 patch note updates. Here are all the adjusted heroes and their respective adjustments.


1. Masha nerf

Masha's been tearing up the battlefield with her polished kit, so the developers took a chunk out of her Bear power to at least give her opponents some time to catch their breath.

[Attributes] (↓)
Base Physical Defense: 20 >> 10
Base Magic Defense: 15 >> 10

[Skill 1] (↓)
Base Damage: 75 >> 60

[Ultimate] (↓)
Damage: 500-700 + 30%-50% Extra HP >> 400-600 + 30%-40% Extra HP

She immediately became the statistically best hero after the March 2022 update. The impact was overwhelming thus she was nerfed outright. There might be more to come but this seems to be fine for now.

2. Hilda buff

The early power boost can hardly compensate for Hilda's loss in her late-game dominance, so the developers infused a bit more power into her axe early on.

[Skill 2] (↑)
Fixed an issue where the cooldown was different than stated. (Actual Cooldown: 10-8s >> 8-6s)
Base Damage: 210-360 >> 220-420

Skill 2 is her most reliable damage source. That is why this was buffed to at least make her keep up with the damage of other hero options.


3. Melissa buff

The nerf on the Damage Transfer almost cast our little tailoress entirely out of the meta. The developers hope these adjustments could make up tor what she's been through in the past few days.

[Attributes] (↑)
Base Physical Attack: 115 >> 123

[Ultimate] (↑)
Extra Defense When Ultimate Is Active: 6-10 >> 9-15

The changes in Melissa is significant and players seem to also not adjusted to it well enough. The developers gave these adjustment for now to see if this will balance her stats for the new season.

4. Beatrix nerf

With multiple firearms at her disposal, Beatrix's been a top choice in almost all levels of play. To give other Marksmen more play time on the battlefield, the developers applied another nerf on her early game dominance and mid-to-late sustainability.

[Attributes] (↓)
Base Physical Attack: 110 >> 102

[Basic Attack] (↓)
Lifesteal of the four weapons reduced to 80% of the previous.

This should finally give spotlight to new heroes and tone down the pick rate of the so popular Beatrix, Clint, and Brody from the previous season. Other marksman heroes can now keep up and has a chance to show off their niche.


5. Guinevere adjustments

Guinevere and Golden Staff have been a formidable, if not matchless, combo since the last patch. The developers addressed this while slightly buffing her Passive as compensation.

[Passive] (~)
Mark Duration: 4s >> 5s

Super Magic accumulation slightly increased.

Guinevere will be an outlier if the developers didn't fix this outright. Now, the stats on Guinevere will really show her true state in the new battlefield situation.

6. Martis buff

The previous adjustments to Martis' Skill 2 have hit his early wave clearing a bit too hard, so the developers added more base power to his strikes, especially when against minions.

[Skill 2] (↑)
First Three Attacks' Base Damage: 150-200 >> 200-250

This skill no longer deals less damage to minions.

The reason for this is that before, he has insanely fast wave clear thus he was nerfed. But after nerfed and other changes in the battlefield, Martis' stats dropped thus the developers think it is now time to buff Martis again.

Those are all of the hero adjustments in the hotfix of Patch 1.6.66 in Original Server. This might dictate the metagame for at least the 1st quarter of the new season. The next original server patch update might be on late-April or early-May 2022, which is for the preparation of the second half of Season 24.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!