Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.82 Advance Server Hero Adjustment Highlights - Aamon and Lapu-Lapu Buffs

The likes of Nana, Irithel, and Thamuz already received adjustments in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang advance server in the past few weeks to prepare them for global application of a new patch update. Aside from those heroes, the developers will also add Aamon and Lapu-Lapu to the list of the next heroes to be adjusted. Here are their hero adjustments along with other highlights of the Patch Note 1.6.82 Advance Server in ML: BB.


1. Aamon buff

A simple buff to help the Duke of Shards stand out among his fellow assassins.

[Passive] (↑)
Enhanced Basic Attack's Damage: 70 + 80% Magic Power >> 85 + 90% Magic Power

Aamon is still a tier below being a staple pick in the current metagame. In higher ranks, he finds it hard to outshine the utilities of other assassin heroes while in lower ranks, he is still lackluster in terms of damage. This buff should help him reach the threshold enough to burst down the current tanky metagame.


2. Lapu-Lapu buff

The developers infused more power into Lapu-Lapu's heavy sword to help the Bravest Fighter burst down his enemies in battle.

[Ultimate] (↑)
First Two Attacks' Damage: 280-440 >> 300-480
Third Attack's Damage: 420-660 >> 450-720

Lapu-Lapu is also finding it hard to burst down the tankier metagame. This buff should be enough to make him the best fighter in terms of damage potential. He cannot be just always behind Yu Zhong.


3. Alice Battlefield Adjustments

The developers are walking back the buff on Alice's Mana Regen at the Warrior and Elite ranks on the Advanced Server while lowering the Mana cost of her Ultimate at all ranks.

[Ultimate] (↑)
Mana Cost: 50-90 >> 40-80

This buff is expected to be implemented in the next original server update. The difference of stats in Warrior-Elite ranks and the rest might still be an experimental and thus it will be postponed. Alice needs this buff first rather than just shaking up the lower ranks battlefield.


4. Popol and Kupa adjustments

The developers adjusted the chapter 4 task in Popol and Kupa's Mastery Code to make it easier to complete.

Those are the highlights of the newest advance server patch update in ML:BB. Meanwhile, the next original server update might come in a week or two and there might be another advance server patch to sum everything up. There might be adjustments in the advance server that might not be implemented in the original server yet.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!