Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.94 Original Server June 2022 Update - Hero and Battlefield Adjustments Highlights

The new season of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is also full of new mechanics and things to explore. In terms of heroes, there are revamped heroes along with many significant hero adjustments from older to newer heroes. The battlefield mechanics also has its significant changes wherein new tactics and strategies might come up. Here are the highlights of the Hero and Battlefield Adjustments from Patch 1.6.94 that arrived in original server for the huge June 2022 update.


1. Revamped Heroes

The details on the adjustments to the heroes Vexana, Leomord, and Faramis are now in-game. Aside from the revamp on their visuals and entrance animations, their skills also received massive changes. These three are expected to be very popular at the start of this new patch note.


2. Battlefield Adjustments

The battlefield adjustments is mostly about laning. One of the adjustments is about the minions in midlane wherein there are now four minions with a different composition. Even though there are more minions, these are not as tanky as the ones in the sidelanes so this should speed up the midlaner's lane clear compared to before. The second major laning adjustments is about the new jungler laning rule. The full details are in-game and this is expected to open up strategies like fast push at the expense of the jungler's farm.


3. Hero Adjustments

Just like in the preview of this patch note, the featured hero adjustments are for some mage heroes along with Terizla. The mage heroes that received significant changes are Lunox, Xavier, and Gord. Luo Yi also received slight change in this patch note. Meanwhile, Terizla is the main highlight since the adjustments to him are the first ones to be read at the patch note details in-game.

These hero adjustments are the compilation of the changes from the advance server all throughout the month of June 2022 and was just implemented in the global server at the end of the month. The battlefield adjustments are also already tested in the advance server weeks before this global patch note release. Check out the actual contents and details in-game.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!