Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.22 Advance Server - Experimental Carmilla Adjustment and Fredrinn's Skill 1 buffed

The huge Mobile Legends: Bang Bang September 2022 has just been launched in the original server. But, days after, the game designers are already preparing for the next one as they released a new Advance Server patch note just before the ranked Season 25 in global server ends. The initial patch is just short though and highlights the experimental adjustments to Carmilla. Another hero, Fredrinn, also received a skill 1 buff and passive readjustments. Here are the details about these two hero adjustments.


1. [Carmilla] (~)

Experimental Adjustment: As a team-based support, Carmilla's current Ultimate is often difficult to connect with the intended enemies and makes it hard for both sides to observe or coordinate. The game designers hope the following adjustment will optimize the Ultimate experience and make the battlefield more clear.

[Ultimate] (~)

Skill Revamp: Carmilla will now cast Curse of Blood in a designated direction, creating a large field on the ground that will curse all enemies still in range after a period of time.

This is an understandable skill revamp for her ultimate skill. Carmilla is currently one of the lowest picked hero across all ranks and thus, this imply that something need to change. In theory, Carmilla's skills especially her ultimate skill has a huge impact in the game. The problem with it is indeed if it will connect to as much heroes as possible. The skill revamp will definitely attract players but the developers are cautious to not make her overpowered.


2. [Fredrinn] (~)

The game designers want Fredrinn to be able to control his Crystal Energy more precisely, but also increase the decay rate of Crystal Energy for better balance.

[Passive] (~)

New Effect: Now Combo Points can reset the decay timer of Crystal Energy.

New Effect: Now Combo Points will fade one by one instead of disappearing together.

Reduced the duration of Combo Points and Crystal Energy.

[Skill 1] (↑)

Added extra physical attack bonus to damage.

The impact on this Fredrinn's adjustment seems vague. The skill 1 buff isn't also specified as the developers might still tweak on it to find the appropriate adjustment. The adjustment also targeted his passive.

Aside from these two hero adjustments, the current exclusive hero in the advanced server, Joy, was also adjusted. Joy is expected to be released before the year 2022 ends in the middle of Season 26 season globally in a subsequent original server update. This wraps up the hero adjustments and check out the patch note in the advanced server for more details and actual in-game contents.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!