Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.82 Advance Server Hero Adjustments - Reverted changes to Silvanna, Khaleed, and more

As some of the bigger tournaments of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are about to end, the game is preparing to finalize the adjustments to be done in the next official server update. In the latest advance server patch note 1.7.82, there are five heroes adjusted and some of it are changes reverted to wrap up which adjustments would affect the next original server update outright. Here are all the hero adjustments for Patch 1.7.82.


1. Silvanna Experimental Changes

The game developers/designers reverted some of the adjustments to Silvanna's Ultimate. They removed her Control Immunity while in the Circle of Light, reverted the casting range reduction, but kept the change that allows her to use Flicker while leaping.

[Ultimate] (~)
Casting Range: 5 yards >> 6.5 yards.
Removed Effect: Silvanna is immune to control effects while in her Circle of Light.

The patch note already sums up well the changes to Silvanna. This means that the next official server update will probably just include the change that allows her to use Flicker combo with her Ultimate skill. This will also come with the other adjustments made to her in the two previous advance server patch notes.


2. Irithel buff

Leo now moves faster in the mid and late game to help Irithel build up Jungle Heart more quickly.

[Ultimate] (↑)
Movement Speed Boost: 30 points at all levels >> 10%-20%

Irithel's ultimate skill will now be more crucial in games, increasing her ceiling and skill cap while still rewarding players for proper item building. The movement speed boost now of her ultimate skill is based on her movement speed stat instead of just adding 30 points so it means building items that increase her movement speed stat may help her more to abuse this adjustment. In order to enjoy the buff, Irithel needs to have at least 300 movement speed stat which is easy to achieve with items like Boots of the player's choice and Windtalker.


3. Khaleed adjustments were reverted

They have reverted the adjustments to Khaleed because more testing is needed. They'll consider bringing them back in the future.

This means Khaleed won't be adjusted in the upcoming original server patch note. The patch note mentioned that they will consider bringing it back so maybe after the original server update, the adjustments to Khaleed might be applied again in the advance server for further testing. The adjustments reverted for Khaleed can be seen in the previous test server patch notes.


4. Benedetta adjustments

They've adjusted Benedetta's enhanced Basic Attack to match the indicator, and slightly the damage to compensate.

Enhanced Basic Attack Damage: 210% >> 220%
Area of effect reduced to match the indicator.

[Ultimate] (~)
Movement Speed Reduction: 70% for 1s and then 20% >> 50% for the whole duration

The area of effect of her passive is reduced but now has more damage and it now matches the indicator. Aside from that, her ultimate skill also received an adjustments wherein the initial slow is nerfed but after 1 second, the enemies inside its area-of-effect (AoE) will still be slowed with a fixed rate unlike before. This means players and their allies being able to prolong their targets' stay in her ult's AoE will be rewarded with the increased slow long term.

5. Balmond adjustments were reverted too

They're reverting the adjustments made to Balmond's Skill 1 and Ultimate, but keeping the changes to his Skill 2.

This means that Skill 2 adjustment being able to not be cancelled by accidentally tapping it again will push through in the next original server update while the increased slow effect in skill 1 and ultimate skill adjustments won't be applied.

These are all the hero adjustments in this latest advance server patch note. This patch is also expected to be the last patch update before the May 2023 Original Server update. The next test server update will still be probably next week but it will be done after the official server wraps up the initial adjustments for the regular global update.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!