Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.12 Advance Server - Significant Hero Adjustments to Alucard and some support heroes

The focus of the latest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang advance server patch note is to encourage Support Heroes to use utility equipments instead of defense equipments. This update may be part of the upcoming September 2023 Project NEXT. The significant hero adjustments for Patch Note 1.8.12 includes an Alucard buff and multiple adjustments to some support heroes. Here are the details of these significant adjustments.


1. Alucard buff

The game developers/designers simplified Alucard's passive to make him more durable in teamfights.

[Passive] (↑)
Removed Effect: Deals increased damage when hitting only one hero.
New Effect: Skill casting increases the next Basic Attack's Crit Chance by 150%.
Enhanced Basic Attack Damage: 1.4 Times >> 1.5 Times

[Skill 2] (↑)
Base Damage: 320-420 >> 320-570

[Ultimate] (↑)
Hybrid Lifesteal from Ultimate Upgrades: 5%-15% >> 10%-30%
Slow Duration: 4s >> 6s

Removed Effect: Gains extra Hybrid Lifesteal from Ultimate.
Removed Effect: Deals extra passive damage to targets hit.

New Effect: Gains Hybrid Defense from Ultimate.
New Effect: Reveals the positions of targets hit.

This is a great adjustment to Alucard. For some quick maths, it means Alucard with current 60% crit rate will be increased to 90% with his new passive effect. It means at around 80% crit rate, the next basic attack is guaranteed to deal critical damage. His skill 2 also received a slight buff while multiple effect changes is made in his ultimate skill.


2. Floryn adjustments

They removed Floryn's immunity to healing reduction but adjusted the Magic Power bonuses of her healing skills to balance things out.

[Passive] (↑)
Equipment Attributes: 5% Cooldown Reduction >> 5% HP Regen (scales with hero level and doubles at max level)

[Skill 1] (~)
HP Regen: 175-250 + 65% Magic Power >> 175-225 + 130% Magic Power
Cooldown: 8-6.5s >> 9-6.5s

[Ultimate] (↓)
HP Regen: 400-650 + 70% Magic Power >> 400-550 + 140% Magic Power
Cooldown: 60s at all levels >> 60-50s (scales with level)
Removed Effect: Immunity to healing reduction.

It seems the immunity to healing reduction made Floryn overpowered thus being a top banned hero not only in ranked games but also in competitive tournaments. In exchange of removing that effect, her HP regen stats across multiple skills have been buffed. The cooldown of her ultimate skill also now scales with level.


3. Rafaela adjustments

Adjusted the Magic Power bonus of her skills as part of this patch's healing and shield skill adjustment plan.

[Skill 2] (~)
HP Regen for Nearby Teammates: 100-150 + 25% Magic Power >> 100-125 + 50% Magic Power
HP Regen for the Teammate with the lowest HP: 150-300 + 25% Magic Power >> 150-250 + 100% Magic Power
Cooldown: 10.5-8.5s >> 10.5-7.5s

For Rafaela, her skill 2 was adjusted as this is her healing skill. It now benefits more from Magic Power stats. The cooldown of this skill is also now shorter every upgrade after level 1. The update labeled the changes as adjustments as despite the buffs on those mentioned already, the base points of her healing is slightly reduced for mid to late game.


4. Estes adjustments

Adjusted the Magic Power bonus of his skills as part of this patch's healing and shield skill adjustment plan.

[Skill 1] (~)
1st Stage HP Regen: 250-400 + 70% Magic Power >> 250-325 + 140% Magic Power
Continuous HP Regen: 325-450 + 30% Magic Power >> 325-400 + 60% Magic Power
After linking with a teammate, gain extra Attack >> extra Hybrid Defense.

[Enhanced Skill 1] (~)
1st Stage HP Regen: 500-800 + 140% Magic Power >> 500-700 + 280% Magic Power
Continuous HP Regen: 1170-1620 + 105% Magic Power >> 1170-1470 + 210% Magic Power

[Ultimate] (~)
HP Regen: 1260-1620 + 105% Magic Power >> 1230-1470 + 210% Magic Power

Similar with the Rafaela adjustments, the base points of the heal skills are reduced while it now benefits more on Magic Power stats. In his skill 1, the linked teammate now gains hybrid defense instead of extra attack. There were no adjustments on his passive and skill 2 as these are not healing abilities.


5. Diggie adjustments

Adjusted the Magic Power bonus of his skills as part of this patch's healing and shield skill adjustment plan.

[Ultimate] (~)
Shield: 650-1000 + 200% Magic Power >> 650-880 + 400% Magic Power

Diggie's ultimate skill provides shield and thus, it also received adjustments. It now benefits by double the amount from Magic Power stat compared to before. The base shield points also given is slightly nerfed for Ultimate skill Lv 2 and Lv 3 (max level).


6. Angela adjustments

Adjusted the Magic Power bonus of her skills as part of this patch's healing and shield skill adjustment plan.

[Skill 1] (~)
HP Regen: 150-225 + 60% Magic Power >> 150-200 + 120% Magic Power

[Ultimate] (~)
Shield: 1200-2400 + 200%-280% Magic Power >> 1200-2000 + 200%-500% Magic Power

Angela can both provide heals and shield to teammates. For the healing effect of her skill 1, the bonus heal percentage based on Magic Power stats is also now doubled. For her ultimate skill, the shield provided in the early game remains the same. Similar with the other adjustments, the base points is lowered for mid to late game but the bonus points is increased.

These are all the significant hero adjustments in the latest advance server update, Patch Note 1.8.12. To summarize, some support heroes that has healing and/or ability to provide shield now benefits more from the Magic Power stats so that these heroes choose utility items over defense items. These changes is still subject to test in the advance server and may or may not be included in the next original server update.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!