Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.56 Advanced Server - Adjustments, upcoming events, and more

January 2024 is about to end and thus, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game released their last test server update of the month. In patch notes 1.8.56 adv server, the hero adjustments are finalized in preparation for the global implementation via an official server update. This patch update also revealed some information on upcoming events and contents. The upcoming events include a return of a skin series and a limited-time skin. For the new contents, it is about the changes made to the Squad system. Here are the highlights of the latest advanced server patch notes.


1. Hero adjustments reversion

[Hayabusa] (~)

Our adjustments to Hayabusa did not meet our expectations, so we're reverting the changes.

[Gloo] (~)

Our adjustments to Gloo did not meet our expectations, so we're reverting the changes.

It seems that Hayabusa and Gloo won’t be adjusted in the upcoming global update. The previously tested adjustments might be modified and be released again after the original server update. These two are the only hero adjustments written in this latest test server patch note and thus, it is likely that all the previously written hero adjustments will be included in the official server update.


2. Grim Strangler and the Aspirants return

[Grim Strangler's Summon]
Natalia "Grim Strangler" will be making a limited-time return between 2/18 and 3/2. Join in on the Summon Event and get your first Summon for free!

[New Aspirants Unite]
1- The all-new Aspirants Unite Draw Event will be available from 3/4 to 4/3.
2- Enjoy the Premium Supply event from 3/8 to 3/12 and 3/23 to 3/26. Log in to claim a Token for free and complete tasks to get extra ones!

Natalia’s Grim Strangler skin will be obtainable again via a summon event. On the other hand, the Aspirants also return but this time, with new skins! Lesley "Deadeye Spectre" and Chang'e "Tech Tensai" will be the new Aspirants skin that will be available in a draw event. Take note of the dates written in the patch notes as these upcoming contents and events will be gradually implemented in the official server too.

3. Fragment Shop update

a- Rare Skins
Added: Alice "Steam Glider", Franco "Apocalypse", Clint "Rock and Roll", Chou "Go Ballistic", and Yi Sun-shin "Major General".
Removed: Cyclops "Deep Sea Rescuer", Miya "Captain Thorns", Moskov "Snake Eye Commander", Valir "Dictator", and Karrie "Rising Star".

b- Hero Shop
Added: Novaria, Ixia, Chang'e, Lesley, Silvanna, and Granger.
Removed: Angela, Yu Zhong, Valentina, Aldous, Ruby, and Roger.

The fragment shop changes will begin on February 1, 2024, MLBB Server Time (4PM in GMT+8). This update also included information about squad system adjustments. Squads can now be created for free if certain requirements will be complied. Squad also has a revamped interface and task system. These are all the major highlights of Patch Notes 1.8.56 in the game’s test server that is expected to be applied in the original server too in the upcoming regular update.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!