Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.58 Adv Server Hero Adjustments Highlights; Aurora nerf applied to all servers

Revamped Aurora has been dominating the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game in both casual and competitive games. The game decided to apply a nerf on her immediately and it was applied to all servers. Along with that hero adjustments, there are also several other heroes that received changes in this latest advanced server patch notes 1.8.58. Here is a quick review of the hero adjustments highlights including some details and game developers/designers’ insights that are written in the patch notes.


1. Aurora nerf

Aurora after her revamp not only became a powerful Crowd Control hero, but also has massive late-game damage. After gaining high Magic Power, she also gets increased Control Duration from her Ultimate, and has great Magic Bonuses for her skills and Ultimate. Therefore, the game lowered her Skill 1 Bonus Damage slightly while maintaining her Base Damage in the early and mid game to ensure she can still clear lanes.

[Skill 1] (↓) (Updated on All Servers)
Base Damage: 100% Total Magic Power >> 90% Total Magic Power
Bonus Damage: 40-80 +15% Total Magic Power >> 40-60 +10% Total Magic Power

The game decided to target her skill 1 and the nerf is only on the damage bonus that she gets from Magic Power stat. It was also explained that this adjustment was made so that she could still clear lanes early to mid game and thus they only touched that part of her damage calculation. Aurora will remain the power crowd control that she is but won’t have the overpowered damage that was deemed too imbalance for the game.


2. Reduced the costs of Mana for certain Marksmen relying on Attack Speed.

Melissa - Skill 1 Mana Cost: 60-85 >> 30-55
Moskov - Skill 1 Mana Cost: 45-70 >> 25-50
Miya - Skill 1 Mana Cost: 60-110 >> 50-75
Natan - Skill 1 Mana Cost: 65-95 >> 50-75; Skill 2 Mana Cost: 80-120 >> 60-85

These four heroes will now consume less mana from their respective first skill. Natan also received a mana cost reduction in his skill 2. These are all heroes that rely on attack speed and thus, being able to spam these skills are important too to sustain their damage-per-second. This also opens up item building flexibility as they don’t need to get mana items to be able to spam their important skill.

3. Chip adjustments

Chip is the newest hero in the advanced server and is still undergoing testing. Chip has Control Effect in all of his skills and Ultimate. In this update, the game decided to make him have less Control Effect, and also to make it more rewarding when allied heroes go through his Connecting Portal.

[Passive] (↑)
A bag of chips: 5 >> 4 Bites
HP Regen: 10% Max HP >> 150 +15% Lost HP

[Ultimate] (↑)
New Effect: Allied hero will receive a burst Speed Boost when teleporting from the Connecting Portal to the Main Portal.

[Special Skill] (↓)
Remove the effect of getting a view around other Beacons when using a Beacon to teleport.

Chip is still exclusive to the advanced server as it is expected that there will be more adjustments and experiments needed to make it as balanced as possible. These are all the hero adjustments brought by the latest advanced server patch notes 1.8.58 to open up the month of February 2024 in MLBB. The game is also looking to make the metagame stable as professional tournaments are about to come up. There may be more hero adjustments coming up and some might even be applied globally too immediately depending on the state of the current battlefield situation.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!