Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.66 Update: New Events

Guild of Guardians
As the new All-Star event has now arrived in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, players can look forward to the events that have arrived through the Patch 1.8.66 Update of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. To know what these events are, here are the details about it.


The following are the Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.66 new events:

Twisted Fairytale Draw Event
  • Starting on March 25th, the Twisted Fairytale Draw event will begin and it will last until the 30th of April. Players are guaranteed the Vexana “Twisted Fairytale” within 120 draws. Players can also enjoy the Premium Supply event from the 30th of March up to the 2nd of April. Login to claim a Token for free and complete tasks to get more.
Infernal Wyrmlord Draw Event
  • The Infernal Wyrmlord Draw event will start on April 6th and will continue until April 30th server time. The new ALLSTAR Exclusive Skin Moskov “Infernal Wyrmlord” and its exclusive ID Tag will be released as well. To receive the exclusive ID Tag, players will have to draw, exchange, or receive the Moskov “Infernal Wyrmlord” skin. There will be two ID Tags that will be released with the Golden ID Tag releasing on April 6th while the Silver ID Tag will soon follow. Players can also enjoy the Premium Supply event from the 13th of April up to the 23rd of April. Login to claim a Token for free and complete tasks to get more.
Daily Recharge Rebate
  • For this event, it will be available from April 6 until April 14 server time. On the first three days of the event, players must complete the Daily Recharge Tasks to obtain Infernal Wyrmlord Tokens while to get the “Furious” Battle Emote along with the Infernal Wyrmlord Tokens, players must complete the 5-Day and 8-Day Recharge Tasks.
Mega Draw
  • The Mega Draw event can be accessed by players starting from April 6 until April 10 server time. Players can purchase the Mega Draw Packs with up to 90% discount. Players can obtain Infernal Wyrmlord Tokens as well as Lucky Numbers that will give players a chance to win up to 50,000 Diamonds.
Lucky Box
  • Get the revamped Claude “Mecha Dragon” skinonce it becomes available on the 13th of March, 2024. Players will have until the 26th of the same month to acquire it.
Zodiac Summon Event
  • Returning for a limited time only is Hilda’s “Aries” skin. It will be available on March 21st with a 30% off discount on the first week.
April 2024 StarLight Skin
  • Starting on April 1, the all-new StarLight skin, Lylia “Magitech Arsenal”, will be available until April 30 server time.
Grand Collection
  • On April 3, the Edith “Red Bastion” skin will be added to the Grand Collection.
Lucky Flip event
  • Kaja “Inferno Taskmaster” skin, Diggie “Fairytaler” skin, and Hylos “Iron Steed” skin will be added to Lucky Flip onApril 5. Collect 3 Lucky Cards to exchange for 1 of the 3 Epic skins.