Mobile Legends Patch Note 1.6.42 Original Server Highlights - Additional Lesley Buffs and more!

As Season 23 starts, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang also released a new patch note to update the game's current battlefield situation. There are heroes that were adjusted and some are based on the result of the M3. Here are the highlights of Patch 1.6.42.


New Hero Edith was released at the time of the patch update. Most players got this for free because of the Phylax Exchange Event. Her basic skin is also discounted for the launch week which would give some additional stats to Edith if she has another skin aside from her default skin.


On the hero adjustments, there are 5 heroes buffed and 4 heroes nerfed. One of the buffed heroes is Lesley which receive a ton of adjustments. She didn't appear in the recently concluded M3 and even in other competitive matches thus making this update reasonable. Other gold laners like Popol and Kupa and Clint were also adjusted. Clint and Natan received nerfs while Valentina is also nerfed.


This patch also brought lots of battlefield adjustments to make the battlefield events more clear-cut and boost Lord's presence in the very late game (after 18 min). The Battlefield Overview is also revamped to be able to view the current battlefield mechanics. In addition, some of the less popular heroes, emblem talents, and battle spells were optimized.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!