Mobile Legends Patch Note 1.6.52 Advance Server - Beatrix nerf; Buffs to Silvanna, Diggie and Atlas

It was already a general consensus that Beatrix is the most overpowered hero currently in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang original server that is why in test server, Beatrix received a nerf. Meanwhile, other unpopular heroes received buffs. Here are the details on the hero adjustments that will be significant later on in the global server.


1. Beatrix Nerf

Beatrix's been dominating the early game with her unique weapons, so the developers are taking away some of the firepower from her early basic attacks.

[Basic Attack] (↓)

Initial damage greatly reduced, but will gradually increase as Beatrix levels up.

Her damage early game is almost halved but in late game, she will deal higher damage compared to before. This will be tested for now and if Beatrix is still considered overpowered, expect another adjustment on the next advance server patch note.


2. Silvanna Buff

Her basic attack will be boosted but her skill 2 was slightly nerfed.

[Passive] (↑)
Attack Speed Ratio: 80% >> 100%
Basic Attack's Magic Bonus: 60% >> 75%

[Skill 2] (↓)
Pulling force slightly reduced.

This is a buff overall because the adjustments on her passive will boost her total damage potential by a lot just for a slight nerf on her skill 2. This will benefit both average and great mechanic players. The boost in damage benefits those who can't utilize skill 2 well while great mechanic players will be rewarded well by mastering skill 2.


3. Diggie Buff

Diggie found a new way to enhance his owl alarm bombs.

[Skill 1] (↑)
Base Damage: 500-800 >> 400-600
Magic Power Bonus: 120% >> 100%

No longer runs on charges, with reduced cooldown.

Activation delay slightly reduced.

New Effect: Diggie gains a stack that increases the alarm's explosion damage each time his owl alarm hits an enemy hero. He loses half the stacks upon death, but will gain a stack each time his skill hits an enemy hero when in the egg form.

This is quite a huge adjustment on Diggie's skill 1. If this turns out great for Diggie, it will boost its pick rate in original server after applying this. This will add another utility for its skill 1.


4. Atlas Buff

Northern Vale has bestowed Atlas with newfound power.

[Passive] (↑)
Frigid Breath Revamped: Enemies that remain within the area over 3s will be frozen for 1.5s and have their Attack Speed reduced by 50% for 3s afterward. The same target cannot be frozen again within 3s.

Atlas dropped a lot in terms of stats after his consecutive nerfs and changing battlefield. To help Atlas adapt, his passive will be revamped. This new effect will give him again another uniqueness to be considered viable and irreplaceable for the future metagame.

This summarizes the hero adjustments that might affect the current state of the original server heroes. This is just the first advance server patch after the latest original server update so expect more test server patch notes in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!