Mobile Legends Patch Note 1.6.78 Advance Server - Nana and Thamuz Hero Adjustments and more

The May 2022 events for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are still ongoing and thus, the hero changes are expected to last longer and the next one will happen a bit later than usual. The advance server is already testing some hero adjustments for a major change for the next metagame. Here are the details for the Advance Server Patch 1.6.78 that features major adjustment on heroes Nana and Thamuz.


1. Nana adjustments

The developers are still not getting the result they want for Nana so here's another adjustment. The idea is that after years as a sideline stunner, it's high time for our little Leonin to take center stage. By introducing a few more tweaks on her Magic Boomerang and Molina Smooch, Nana may further nudge away from a supporting role and into a full-fledged Mage ready to hold her ground in mid lane.

[Skill 1] (~)
Cooldown: 5.5-4s >> 6-5s
Boomerang's size and flying speed increased.

[Skill 2] (↑)
Slow Effect: 50%-70% >> 70% at All Levels
Cooldown: 14.5-12s >> 11-9s
Foreswing slightly reduced (applied in the previous version).
Area of effect and chase duration slightly reduced (applied in the previous version).

Role: Mage/Support >> Mage
Recommended builds optimized.

The aim is to make Nana be able to deal damage like a usual Mage and not just used as a support to crowd control enemy team. Lowering the cooldown of her skills also makes her have a more damage potential in terms of total damage output.


2. Thamuz Buff

The developers are going full steam ahead from Thamuz's previous buffs and setting the Grand Lord Lava further ablaze with a boosted Ultimate and a hot new casting experience for his Molten Scythes.

[Skill 1] (↑)
New Effect: Thamuz can cast the skill again to retrieve the Scythes.

[Ultimate] (↑)
Attack Speed Boost: 1.22-1.44 Times >> 1.3-1.6 Times

Thamuz became unpopular due to the release of other Exp Lane options and the metagame shift that benefits tank which some also took the Exp Lane spot. These changes can help Thamuz be a great considerable option again.

3. Karina nerf

The aim of this nerf is to reduce Karina's early game damage, especially when she's taking the tankier route. Her late game damage with Magic Power builds is basically unchanged.

[Passive] (↓)
Lost HP-Based Damage: 7 (+2% Magic Power)% >> 5 (+2.5% Magic Power)%

She remains as a top jungler because of her relatively high early game damage. This should help to balance her out and give rise to other jungler options.


Some heroes received a minor buff in the test server. These includes the Pharsa, Saber, and Edith buff. Valentina also receives a nerf in this patch. These hero adjustments might be complemented with the new emblem system and might be or might not be implemented on the May 2022 Original Server Patch update that is expected to be released on the last week of this month of May.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!