Mobile Legends Patch Note 1.6.84 Advance Server - May 2022 Big Update is coming up!

The Patch Note 1.6.84 in the Advance Server of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is expected to wrap up what will happen in the May 2022 Original Server Update. This patch note also adds new hero adjustments that will make the next update more extensive. Here are the details about the new hero adjustments to Cecilion, Beatrix, Wanwan, and Lylia.


1. Cecilion nerf

Cecilion's been overshadowing other mages with his superb damage and sustainability, so the developers cut away some of his innate defensive power.

[Attributes] (↓)
Base HP: 2516 >> 2456
Base Physical Defense: 20 >> 18

Some might have not noticed that Cecilion has a relatively high physical defense. This makes him hard to kill early game even if ganked by a physical damage dealer opponent. In this update, some of his base defensive stats were nerfed.


2. Beatrix buff

The developers added a bit of power back to Beatrix's Basic Attacks.

[Renner - Basic Attack] (↑)
Physical Attack Bonus: 340-515% >> 350-525%

The previous nerf for her seems too much so they added back some bonus damage to help her still be able to keep her opponent's think of her as a threat. It is known that in laning, being able to poke enemy down to around 70% HP is important so that might be the basis of this adjustment.


3. Wanwan nerf

The developers are glad to see that more and more players have mastered Wanwan since the last optimization, but she may have been rising too much in power. Her damage will be slightly nerfed to address this.

[Ultimate] (↓)
Physical Attack Bonus: 40% >> 35%

Wanwan has become a top gold laner and marksman hero in general because of her previous adjustments. She has been overwhelming not only in Ranked games but also in professional tournaments. This nerf is expected and this might be an initial test whether this nerf is enough to make her balance already or she needs more adjustments.


4. Lylia nerf

The developers cut down the control power of Lylia's Skill 1 so she'll have to aim more carefully when spamming her Shadow Energy.

[Skill 1] (↓)
Slow Effect: 40% >> 30%

The slow effect of this skill 1 is crucial which makes casting her skill 2 much easier too. With the reduced slow effect, Lylia users need to be more precise in their aiming. Lylia is also one of the top picks currently and this should make way for other mage heroes to be picked.

Those are the hero adjustment highlights of the new advance server patch note. Expect some of these, if not all, will be applied in the global server for the May 2022 Original Server Update. Check out the actual contents in-game for more details.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!