Mobile Legends Patch Note 1.7.20 Original Server Update - Gusion and Lesley Revamp now available to all!

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang finally released their update for the global server and it is now Patch 1.7.20. The hero revamps for Gusion and Lesley are now in the original server along with the new battlefield feature, Magic Sentry. Only the talent system is the one that is not released in the original server but the other hero and battlefield adjustments were carried over. Here are the highlights of the latest ML: BB Patch Note for September 2022 Update.


1. Lesley and Gusion Revamp

The game developers redesigned Lesley's and Gusion's looks and revamped their models, animations, and visual effects. The overall quality is greatly upgraded.

[Revamped Hero: Deadly Sniper - Lesley]

Hero Feature: A lethal sniper excelling in camouflage and killing foes.

Base Attack: 131 >> 140
Attack Growth: 9 >> 7
Attack Speed Ratio: 100% >> 80%

[Passive - Lethal Shot]
Lethal Shot crits now deal True Damage but the base Crit Damage is reduced.
Each point of fixed Physical Penetration is converted into Crit Damage at a set ratio.
Damage: 120% Physical Attack >> 110% Physical Attack
Fixed an issue where some equipment could not get bonus Crit Chance from this skill.

[Skill 1 - Master of Camouflage]
Comes with brand-new textures while Camouflaged to better fit the effect, and we've also improved it for smoother combos with Basic Attacks.
Extra Physical Attack: 75-200 >> 85-135
Fixed an issue where some equipment could not get bonus Attack from this skill.

[Skill 2 - Tactical Grenade]
Slightly increased the casting range, redesigned the animation and visual effects, and optimized its combos with Basic Attacks and Skill 1.

[Ultimate - Ultimate Snipe]
Redesigned the indicator and visual effects.
Fatal Bullet's Base Damage: 200-300 >> 250-350
New Passive Effect: Gains Critical Chance based on the skill level (5%-15%)

[Revamped Hero: Holy Blade - Gusion]

Hero Feature: A nimble assassin capable of weaving in and out of combat.

[Passive - Dagger Specialist]

Adjusted the effect so it's now triggered on each skill cast and can stack up to 4 times. The Basic Attack strengthening effect increases with the stack count.

Damage Per Stack: 4% of target's lost HP (up to 4 stacks, 16% in total)

HP Regen: 80% of his damage >> 50 per stack + 25% Magic Power (up to 4 stacks)

Fixed an issue where enhanced Basic Attacks could not be triggered in certain situations.


2. Magic Sentry

A Magic Sentry spawns at the side behind the base's walls whenever a side loses an Inner Turret. It triggers when a hero steps within the area, lighting up that side's Jungle for 6 seconds. Can be used once per 90 seconds. (Reveals invisible units).

The preview of this patch note also already explained that Natalia's invisibility can also be revealed by Magic Sentry aside from the invisible heroes in the brushes. A hero can step the left Magic Sentry to check the area around the purple buff monster while the right Magic Sentry will light up the area near the orange buff monster. Thus, it provides more vision in the jungle side near to it.

3. New Patch Bonus

The fifth section of the patch note is the New Functions and Events. The third part of this section is titled: New Patch Bonus. This lists some of the special events available in this patch.

[New Patch Bonus]

Plenty of new special events will be available, featuring brand-new skins, avatar borders, battle emotes and permanent heroes for free.


Take part in the new events from 09/20 to 10/16 and collect Harley's Books to exchange for tons of amazing rewards! You can get Harley's Books from Harley's Magic Show, Harley's Recharge Gift, Login Gift, Weekend Surprise, and Match Challenge, with a chance to unlock Harley's new skin, Harley "Starcaster"

Get more benefits from:

Legends Return (09/20 - 10/09): Take part to unlock to get exclusive perks and get free Avatar Border Choice Chests.

Free Access to All Heroes (10/01 - 10/03): Get your hands on all heroes for free.

Nostalgia (10/08 - 10/30): Join for a chance to get free skins.

And that wraps up the highlights of the newest patch note in the original server! The current ranked season (Season 25) is also expected to end this week. Check out the actual patch note in-game for more details.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!