Mobile Legends Patch Note 1.7.38 Advance Server - More Marksman Heroes Adjusted including Layla

Two test server patch notes ago, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang started to readjust marksman heroes by introducing a new equipment and rebalancing some marksman heroes. It seems that the aim for the next ranked season is to focus on marksman heroes as in the latest advance server patch, there are three significant marksman hero adjustments made which highlights the patch note of the week. Here are the adjustment to the heroes; Layla, Natan, and Yi Sun Shin.


1. Layla buff

Layla has upgraded her equipment against complex battle environments. She can now more frequently attack enemies from afar, but the lighter equipment has also lowered her damage slightly.

[Skill 1] (↑)
Cooldown: 6s >> 6-4s
Hits also increase the cast range of her skill 2 [Void Projectile].

[Passive] (↓)
Damage Increased with Distance: 100-140% >> 100%-135%

This is an overall buff to Layla despite her passive providing a bit lower extra damage now. It is because the buff on her skill 1 looks huge. The cooldown now shortens after every upgrade of this skill and now also increases the range of her skill 2. She can now poke better and use skill 2 in a farther distance.


2. Experimental Adjustments to Natan

The game developers/designers were hoping that Natan can be more of a fast-attacking Magic Damage Marksman as mentioned in the patch note.

[Passive] (~)
Basic Attack's Damage: 70% Total Physical Attack + 30% Total Magic Power >> 70% Total Physical Attack + 50% Total Magic Power
Removed the effects of converting Physical Penetration to Magic Penetration.
Natan can now directly gain Magic Penetration.

[Skill 1] (~)
Damage Bonus: 180% Total Physical Attack + 120% Total Magic Power >> 100% Total Physical Attack + 150% Total Magic Power

[Other] (~)
Reset Recommended Builds: Natan now benefits more from Magic and Attack Effect equipment.

His passive and skill 1 now makes him deal more bonus damage based on his Magic Power stat. The passive effect that the Physical Penetration he obtained converts to Magic Penetration is now removed. This gives him now an option to build Magic items to directly gain more Magic Power and Magic Penetration. Take note that this is just an experimental change for now.


3. Yi Sun-shin buff

The following adjustments to Yi Sun-shin were made to increase both his skill cap and early-game performance.

[Passive] (↑)
First Enhanced Basic Attack's Damage: 60%-100% >> 70%-100%
Second Enhanced Basic Attack's Damage: 60%-75% >> 55%-70%

New Effect: First Enhanced Basic Attack now grants extra Movement Speed on hit.

The assassin/marksman hero Yi Sun Shin also received a significant adjustment. The first enhanced basic attack now deals more damage aside from it having a new effect that now also grants Movement speed boost. His passive now gives more emphasis to the first enhanced basic attack which increases his skill cap while nerfing the second enhanced basic attack damage.

Aside from the already mentioned marksman heroes, the revamped Hanabi also received some more rebalancing. Brody also received a slight nerf that reduces his basic attack damage growth by 5 points. This might be the last test server update for November 2022 and the next one will be on early December, just few weeks before ranked season end.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!