Mobile Legends Patch Notes 1.4.58


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Jul 7, 2019
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Patch Notes 1.4.58 [Advanced Server] 03/06/20

I. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

1. Franco’s skin “Valhalla Ruler" will be available in the "Lucky Box" event on March 5.

2. Kimmy's new Skin "Charge Leader" will be available from March 7 (Server Time). Diamond 749, Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

Kimmy and her new Skin "Charge Leader" will be in a bundle and available from March 7 (Server Time). Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

3. Jawhead's new Skin "The Nutcracker" will be available from March 9 (Server Time). Diamond 749, Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

Jawhead and his new Skin "The Nutcracker" will be in a bundle and available from March 9 (Server Time). Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

4. Free Heroes:

Server Time 3/6/2020 05:01:00 to 3/13/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)
  • 8 Free Heroes: Minotaur; Badang: Johnson; Irithel; Aldous; Jawhead; Kimmy; Minsitthar
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Chou; Angela; TerizIa; Kaja; Faramis; Granger

II. Hero Adjustments

Popol and Kupa
  • Passive: Now Kupa benefits from Popol's advanced attributes (such as Lifesteal, crit...) and most equipment effects, but HP received is reduced from 140% to 120%.
  • Bite 'em, Kupa!: Kupa's Physical Damage bonus reduced from 80% to 60%. Slightly reduced the range.
  • We Are Angry!: Kupa's Physical ATK Increase reduced from 35% to 20%. Refined the skill description, added more details. Fixed some issues of this hero and re-enabled this hero.

  • Annihilate: Basic Damage reduced by 50 at all levels. Magic ATK Bonus reduced from 100% to 60%.
  • Perfect Match: Movement SPD Boost reduced from 30% to 25%.
  • Fatal Links: Magic ATK Bonus of the initial damage reduced from 100% to 75%. That of the extra damage reduced from 160% to 120%.
  • Improved the hero model and skill animation.

  • Claw Dash: Basic Damage reduced by 30 at all levels.
  • Cold-blooded Strangling: ATK Boost reduced by 10 at all levels.

Valkyrie Descent: Basic Shield increased from 400-800 to 500-800.

  • Ninjutsu: Demon Feast: CD adjusted from 25-15s back to 25s at all levels.
  • Ninjutsu: Demon Thorn: Slightly increased the cast speed.
  • Ninjutsu: Soul Reap: Slow effect increased from 35% to 40%. Increased the range of AoE and adjusted the indicator accordingly.
  • Kinjutsu: Pinnacle Ninja: Demon Blood Consumption in Demon Pneuma form reduced from 12 to 10 per second.
  • Refined the skill description, added more details.

  • Bat Impact: Basic Damage of path/destination strike reduced by 10/20 at all levels.
  • Bats Feast: Basic Damage of each Blood Demon Power increased from 30-40 to 35-55.

Spiral Strangling: Basic Damage reduced from 180-270 back to 165-255.

Searing Torrent: CD increased by 1s at all levels. Mana cost increased from 65-90 to 80-110.

Ancient Strength: Physical Lifesteal Boost when the 1st HP bar is gone increased from 20% to 25%. That for 2nd HP bar increased from 30% to 40%.

Refined the skill description, added more details.

Ill. Battlefield Adjustments


1. Improved HP bars of Creeps. Now each grid indicates a same amount of HP so that you can know how much HP the Creeps have.


1. Flameshot: CD increased from 35s to 50s.

IV. New Events & Features

1. Network Boost Function

A. Network Boost Function is now available. It can help you improve the in-battlefield connection. Using this function needs to turn on both 4G and WiFi.

B. You can turn on this function by Tapping the Settings on the top right in the Main Screen -> Network Setting -> Network Boost switch, or Tapping the Settings in the battlefield -> Network Setting -> Network Boost switch.

C. This function is currently only available in Android devices. iOS is coming soon, please stay tuned!

D. This function is under testing, if you encountered any issues while using, feel free to contact our Customer Service. Let's make MLBB better together! Thanks for your support.

2. Interstellar Draw Event will open for a limited time in this update. Don't miss out!

A. Perform draws during the event to get rare items from the prize pool.
B. The 1st single draw of the day will enjoy a 30% OFF discount.
C. Tap "Daily Surprise" to get a random reward. Available for 1 time every day.
D. You can go to the Exchange Store and exchange Event Fragments for the rewards in the prize pool.
E. If you obtain the Skins you've already owned in this event, they'll be turned into Skin Fragments accordingly.
F. When the event is over, the system will remove all the unused event fragments.

V. System Adjustments

1. [Ranked Mode]

A. S15 will officially end on 2020-03-10 at 23:59:59 (Server Time) on Advanced Server.
B. Master or higher division players will receive rewards of the season, Clint's Skin "Witch Hunter".

2. Squad: Updated the rules of obtaining Active Point. Now squads having low active level can obtain active pts faster. Squads having high active level can obtain more active pts from teaming up with squad members but less pts from playing alone.

3. Added new achievements: MCL Champion, Tournament Expert, Fighters on Stormy Sea.

4. Live Stream: Now while watching lives, you can view the descriptions of battle spells and equipment that the streamers are using.

5. Optimized the in-battlefield edge display for infinity display devices.

VI. Bug Fixes

1. Optimized the display logic of death replay, and most display errors of skill icons are fixed.

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Skin Review | Jawhead - The Nutcracker

Crack your opponents Nuts with this skin!

The Skin Model of The Nutcracker is great and the quality is nice! Alice clothes are also great!

The Entrance Animation of The Nutcracker is great and also very cute on Alice's part when she fixed Jawhead and made him bigger than your usual toy. Effects and camera angle is great as well.

The Skill Effects of The Nutcracker are a bit disappointing to be honest. The basic attack looks great but it's still a color change while his 1st skill is like Foo Quarterback's 1st skill. The 2nd skill changed only a bit and the ultimate also changed only a little bit. Pretty disappointed for being a Special Skin.

The Overall Artwork of Jawhead's The Nutcracker is great. Both Portrait and the Full Artwork.

In conclusion, the Model is great and the Entrance is nice but this is another one of those skins where the Entrance Animation is the reason why it's a Special Skin. The skill effects looks pretty dull at most. Preferred if this was a Starlight Skin to be honest or even an Elite Skin again.

Overall Score: 2.5/5《Model and Entrance was great but Skill Effects looks very plain, dull, and almost no changes were seen》