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Jul 7, 2019
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Patch Notes 1.4.60 [Original Server] 03/18/20, The first Ranked Mode season of 2020 is about to end, and at this moment, the development team has brought the new hero Atlas, and 4 revamped heroes, Freya, Hanzo, Natalia and Lancelot to the Land of Dawn. What's more, many major changes to the in-battlefield equipment also have been deployed. Hope you enjoy these updates!

Meanwhile, Magic Chess has accompanied us for 2 months. In these 2 months, we felt your passion and enthusiasm for this arcade mode. Therefore, in this update, we've decided to make it a permanent mode and will keep updating more interesting content for this mode. Besides new Little Commanders and Heroes, this mode will have its own "Season Update" in the future. Please stay tuned!

I. New Heroes & Revamped Heroes

1. Atlas, the Ocean Gladiator will be available on March 20 (Server Time). Diamond 599, BP 32000, Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

Hero Specialty: Mecha-piloting Ancient Creature

Skill 1 - [Annihilate]:

Atlas smashes the ground and causes 3 explosions. Each explosion deals Magic Damage to enemies.

[Ejected State]: If Atlas has ejected from his Mecha Sentry, both himself and his Mecha will cast Annihilate.

Skill 2 - [Perfect Match]:

Atlas enters [Ejected State], gaining Movement SPD and immunity to slow effects. In this state, the Mecha Sentry will follow the pilot at an increasing speed (can only be affected by Suppression). Once they meet, Atlas will return to the Mecha. dealing Magic Damage to enemies nearby and stunning them.

[Ejected State]: Atlas and his Mecha share the same HP bar and reduce damage taken in this state.

Ultimate - [Fatal Links]:

Atlas hurls chains at all nearby heroes and starts to channel (can only be interrupted by Suppression), dealing Magic Damage to enemies hit and slowing them. Use the skill again while channeling. Atlas will drag
the targets towards him and plunk them down to the target location, dealing Magic Damage. Using this skill in Ejected State will summon the Mecha Sentry to Atlas for quick merging.

Passive - [Frigid Breath]:

Atlas generates Frigid Breath around him each time he casts a skill. Enemies who stay in the area for several seconds will have their movement and attack speed reduced. They can remove the slow effect immediately by leaving the area of Frigid Breath. Atlas gains Physical and Magic DEF when he is inside Frigid Breath.

2. Revamped Freya, the Valkyrie will be available on March 17 (Server Time). Diamond 599. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

Hero Specialty: A heroic fighter who can break into enemies’ lineup. Now she has been revamped with new features and skills!

Skill 1 - [**Leap of Faith]:

Freya jumps to a designated area, dealing damage to enemies in the area and pulling them to the center. She can consume Sacred Orb to increase the AoE area, Damage and CC effect of this skill.

Skill 2 - [Spirit Combo]:

Freya can sacrifice Sacred Orb to cast different skills in a row. Each cast grants her a shield. The first 3 casts will deal damage to enemies in a fan shape area after a short dash, the 4th cast will deal damage to enemies in a circle area and knock them airborne after moving.

Ultimate - [Valkyrie Descent]:

Freya gains 3 stacks of Sacred Orb. And her basic attack also becomes ranged and can deal AoE damage.

Passive - [Power of Einherjar]:

After hitting an enemy with a basic attack, Freya increases the attack speed for the next 2 basic attacks. This effect cools down in 10s. Freya gains a stack of Sacred Orb every 2 basic attacks (capped at 3 stacks).
In Magic Chess, Freya will be adjusted accordingly.

3. Revamped Hanzo, the Akuma Ninja will be available on March 17 (Server Time).

Hero Specialty: Ninja who devours souls to perform forbidden ninja arts. Now he has been revamped with new features and skills!

Passive - [Ame no Habakiri]:

Hanzo gains Demon Blood when units die around him.


Skill 1 - [Ninjutsu: Demon Feast]:

Hanzo unlocks this skill temporarily after five basic attacks. Use this skill to devour a target and digest them over a period of time. By doing so Hanzo gets Demon Blood. This skill can only be used against Minions and Creeps. Now targeting at Lord or Turtle deals more True Damage at late game.

Skill 2 - [Ninjutsu: Soul Reap]:

Hanzo summons demonic spikes at the target location, dealing damage. If an enemy is hit, the skill will strike again after a short delay, dealing damage to targets in the area again until there's no target or time limits for additional damage is reached. Every unit hit grants him Demon Blood.

Ultimate - [Kinjutsu: Pinnacle Ninja]:

Hanzo transforms into Demon Pneuma and can move freely until Demon Blood runs out. This skill ends when Demon Pneuma is killed. Hanzo will be stunned and weakened in the mean time.

Demon Pneuma:

Skill 1 - [Ninjutsu: Demon Thorn]:

Hanzo unlocks this skill after 5 basic attacks. Hanzo can activate it to damage enemies in a line and knock them airborne.

Skill 2 - [Ninjutsu: Devastator]:

Hanzo flies to the target location as Demon Pneuma, dealing damage within this area. If an enemy is hit, the skill will repeat itself after a short delay, until there's no target or time limits for additional damage is reached, during which, Hanzo becomes invincible and can't be targeted and won't consume Demon Blood. Use this skill again to end it.

Ultimate - [Kinjutsu: Pinnacle Ninja]:

Hanzo ends the Demon Pneuma form and choose to let the Demon Pneuma return to his body immediately, or the other way around.

4. Revamped Natalia will be available on March 17 (Server Time).

Revamped Skill 3 - [The Hunt]:

Natalia triggers Assassin Instinct and enters Stealth, empowering her basic attack and increasing her Physical ATK for several seconds. This skill can be used again in several seconds.

Optimized Passive - [Assassin Instinct]:

Natalia deals additional damage when attacking from behind (basic attack against creeps always triggers this bonus). In the bush, Natalia becomes Stealthed (she will be detected when being close to the enemy) if she has not taken or dealt any damage in several seconds. Dealing damage or leaving the bush for a while will break the concealment. Stealth increases Natalia's Movement SPD and enhances her next basic attack.

5. Revamped Lancelot, the Perfumed Knight will be available on March 17 (Server Time).

Revamped Passive - [Soul Cutter]:

Each time Lancelot charges, his damage is increased for a short period. Stackable for several times.

II. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

1. Atlas' new Skin "Reactor Core" will be available on March 20 (Server Time). Diamond 269. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

Atlas and his new skin "Reactor Core" will be in a bundle and available from March 20 (Server Time). Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

2. Wanwan's new Skin "Shoujo Commander" will be available on March 24 (Server Time). Diamond 599. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

Wanwan and her new Skin "Shoujo Commander" will be in a bundle and available on March 24 (Server Time). Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

3. Adjustments in Fragment Shop on March 18:

Rare Skin Fragment Shop:
  • Valir's "Pale Flame", Clint's "Rock and Roll", Aurora's "Heartbreak Empress", Argus's "Dark Draconic", Roger's "Anubis", Fanny's "Royal Cavalry" and Grock's "Grave Guardian" will be available.
  • Kagura's "Flower Season", Moskov's "Snake Eye Commander", Harley's "Royal Magister", Martis's "Searing Maw", Akai's "Akazonae Samurai", Cyclops's "Deep Sea Rescuer" and Gatotkaca's "Mighty Guardian" will be unavailable.

Hero Fragment Shop:
  • Natalia, Lolita, Lesley, Selena, Guinevere, Bruno will be available.
  • Sun, Hanabi, Franco, Ling. Terizla, Nana will be unavailable.

4. Sacred Statue Shop:
  • Adjustments on March 17: Bruno's Sacred Statue "Legendary Striker" will be available
  • Adjustments on April 1: Masha's Sacred Statue "Furious Thunder" will be available

5. Painted Skin Shop:
  • Adjustments on April 1: Painted Skin of Balmond's "Savage Pointguard" will be available.
  • Adjustments on April 8: Painted Skin of Belerick's "The Deep One" will be available.

6. Free Heroes:

Server Time 3/13/2020 05:01:00 to 3/20/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)
  • 8 Free Heroes: Fanny; Bruno; Alpha; Hanzo; Roger; Dyrroth; Thamuz; Uranus
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Rafaela; Ruby; Grock; Bane; Irithel; Lunox

Server Time 3/20/2020 05:01:00 to 3/27/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)
  • 8 Free Heroes: Franco; Bane; Grock; Hilda; Lolita; Gatotkaca; X.Borg: Claude
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Wanwan: Jawhead; Diggie; Sun; Akai; Baxia

Server Time 3/27/2020 05:01:00 to 4/3/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)
  • 8 Free Heroes: Hayabusa; Clint; Lapu-Lapu; Roger; Lunox; Lesley; Diggie; X.Borg
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Natalia; Gusion; Hilda; Minsitthar; Leomord; Guinevere
Server Time 4/3/2020 05:01:00 to 4/10/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)
  • 8 Free Heroes: Faramis; Baxia; Cyclops: Argus; Yi Sun-shin; Belerick; Guinevere; Leomord
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Karrie, Martis; Esmeralda; Chang'e; Hayabusa; Kagura
Server Time 4/10/2020 05:01:00 to 4/17/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)
  • 8 Free Heroes: Natalia; Zhask; Cyclops; Aurora; Helcurt; Ling; Hanabi; Khufra
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Estes; Harith; Alucard; Vale; Badang; Pharsa
Server Time 4/17/2020 05:01:00 to 4/24/2020 05:00:00(Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the home screen to check.)
  • 8 Free Heroes: Alucard; Minotaur; Harith; Masha; Rafaela: Kadita; Martis; Terizla
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Johnson; Harley; Alpha; Hanabi; Hylos; Uranus

7. Arcade Mode - [MAGIC CHESS]:

A. New Chessboard "Necrokeep" will be available on March 23 (Server Time). Diamond 599. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

B. New Little Commander the Naughty Eggie will be available on March 23 (Server Time). Diamond 499, BP 24000, Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

C. Skin "Deteggtive" will be available on March 23 (Server Time). Diamond 269. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

Little Commander "Eggie" and skin "Deteggtive" will be in a bundle and available on March 23 (Server Time). Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

III. Hero Adjustments

Below Heroes will have some significant adjustments in this update: Masha, Karina, Cecilion, Lylia, Gusion, Granger, Silvanna, Chang'e, Guinevere, Wanwan, and Franco.

  • Howl Shock: Slow Duration increased from 1 to 2s.
  • Wild Power: When active, deals more Basic Damage equals to 36 + Skill Lv*4 with Basic ATK. Max HP consumed per second increased by 1%.
  • Ancient Strength: Physical Lifesteal Boost when the 1st HP bar is gone increased from 10% to 25%. When the 2nd HP bar is lost, the bonus Physical Lifesteal increases from 20% to 40%, Energy Regen from attacking heroes or creeps increased from 5 to 8, that from attacking other units reduced from 5 to 3. Total HP Growth reduced from 300 to 201.

  • Elusiveness: Basic damage of enhanced basic attack reduced from 165 to 160. Damage growth per level increased from 10 to 20, and the Magic Power bonus reduced from 0.75 to 0.55.
  • Dance Of Death: Basic Damage of enhanced basic attack increased from 260 to 280. Damage Growth per level increased from 20 to 25, and the Magic Power bonus reduced from 1.3 to 1.15.

  • Overflowing: Base Mana reduced from 1150 to 700. Mana Regen reduced from 50 to 30. Mana gained per hit reduced from 10 to 8.
  • Bat Impact: Basic Damage of path/destination strike reduced by 10/20 at all levels.
  • Bats Feast: Basic Damage of each Blood Demon Power increased from 30-40 to 35-45.

Curse of Blood: Slightly increased the range.

  • Shadow Energy: Now Lylia starts with 0 stack instead of full stacks.
  • Black Shoes: All-level cooldown reduced by 5s.

Sword Spike: Slightly reduced the dagger's flying speed of the 1st cast. The targeting range of the 2nd cast reduced to 150% of the first. Players will be notified "target not found" if it is out of range.

  • Rhapsody: The skill can be interrupted by CC now. Basic Damage reduced by 5 at all levels.
  • Initial HP reduced from 2490 to 2370.

  • Spiral Strangling: Damage increased from 150-225 to 165-255.
  • Imperial Justice: Slightly increased the cast speed. CD reduced from 45s to 38s (All Level).

Crescent Moon: Movement SPD Boost increased from initial 30% (decays 15% per 1s) to initial 40% (decays 15 per 2.5s).

Super Magic: Basic damage of enhanced attacks increased from 0 to 80.

Basic Attack SPD reduced by 5%, ATK reduced by 10 (All Level). Fixed an issue that skill 1 and 2 can be buffed by Physical Lifesteal and deal more damage.

Iron Hook: Reduced the width of this skill by 10%. Mana Cost reduced by 15 at all levels.

Fire Missiles: slow effect reduced from 20% to 10%.

Starmoon Casket: shield conversion reduced from 150% to 135% of the damage.

Bouncing Ball: Physical & Magic DEF Boost reduced from 75%-100% to 60%-100%.

  • Base HP increased by 100 (All Level).
  • Nature's Strike: Slowdown duration increased from 1s to 1.4s.

Searing Torrent: CD increased by 1s at all levels. Mana cost increased from 65-90 to 80-110.

Feathered Air Strike: CD increased by 4s at all levels.

Blessing of Wilderness: HP Regen in the bush increased from 1.5% to 2% per second.

Seimei Umbrella Open: Fixed an issue that causes the skill damage not escalating with Magic Power.


Mystic Projectile: CD increased from 8-5.5s to 9-7s.

Blind Smoke: Adjusted the Basic Attack Hit Rate Decrease from 25%-75% to 40%-65%.

Volley Shot: Basic Damage reduced by 15 at all levels.

Charge: Special effect only affect minions now, no longer affects the summonings.

Refined the skill description, added more details for Guinevere, Claude, Zilong.

IV. Battlefield Adjustments


1. Team Gold for destroying Outer Turret reduced from 80 to 60.
2. Team Gold for destroying Inner Turret increased from 100 to 120.
3. Team Gold for destroying Base Turret increased from 150 to 160.
4. Increased the EXP gained by killing high-level heroes.
5. Improved HP bars of Creeps. Now each grid indicates the same amount of HP so that you can know how much HP the Creeps have.


1. Dominance Ice

10% Crit Chance Reduction is removed, new attribute: +5% Movement SPD.
Unique Passive - Arctic Cold: effect range increased by 20%.
Total cost reduced from 2160 to 2010.

New recipe: Black Ice Shield+Leather Jerkin, compound price is adjusted accordingly.

2. Twilight Armor

The +50 HP Regen is removed, new attribute: +20% Crit Damage Reduction.

New Recipe: Ares Belt+Vitality Crystal+Power Crystal, the compound price is changed so the total cost remains the same.

3. Endless Battle

Unique Passive - Divine Justice: additional true damage reduced from 85% to 70% of Physical ATK.

4. Blade of the Heptaseas

Unique Passive - Ambush: Additional Damage of next basic attack adjusted from 100% Total Physical ATK to 180 + 100% Total Physical ATK.

5. Magic Blade: compound price reduced from 830 to 680.

6. Brute Force Breastplate: compound price reduced from 1000 to 850.

7. Warrior Boots: compound price increased from 220 to 250.

8. Tough Boots: compound price reduced from 270 to 230.

9. Glowing Wand: Total price increased from 2120 to 2200.

10. Roaming Equipment Items

Unique Passive - Thriving: The extra Exp and Gold got from Assists reduced from 15%/25%/35% to 5%/15%/25% (Scales with the tier of the roaming equipment)

11. Windtalker: Not it will cause correct damage according to the Attack SPD in attribute panel. Refined the skill description, added more details.


1. Flameshot: Fixed an issue that on the mini-map, the indicator may disappear. CD increased from 35 to 50s. Slowdown Duration reduced from 2 to 1s.

2. Arrival: Now Johnson can't get the allies who're channeling Arrival into his car.

V. New Events & Features

1. New expansion pack "Fighters on Stormy Sea" is available for preorder on March 14 (Server Time)

A. Pre-order and claim "Northern Vales Trial Bundle" on March 21 (Server Time).
B. Complete event tasks to get Jigsaw Pieces and unlock the Jigsaw.
C. Complete the whole Jigsaw to get gifts, all-new avatar border, hero skin, and many other rewards.
D. Complete the Jigsaw you will also get the expansion pack exclusive achievement "Fighters on Stormy Sea".
E. The Jigsaw Pieces will be removed when the event is over, and the exclusive achievement will not be able to complete.

2. Bruno's all-new Epic Skin "Firebolt" will be available from the event for a limited time in this update. Don't miss out!

A. Perform draws during the event to get rare items from the prize pool.
B. The 1st single draw of the day will enjoy a 30% OFF discount.
C. A limited permanent reward in the prize pool is guaranteed after partaking in for 10 times.
D. Tap "Daily Surprise" to get a random reward. Available for 1 time every day.
E. You can go to the Exchange Store and exchange Event Fragments for the rewards in the prize pool.
F. If you obtain the Skins you've already owned in this event, they'll be turned into Skin Fragments accordingly.
G. When the event is over, the system will remove all the unused event items (including Flare-up Badge and Token).
H. Tap the prize pool to view the details of rewards.

3. Nostalgia Round 2: Nostalgia Avatar Border is coming soon! Don't miss out!

A. Complete event tasks to earn progress and exchange for the rewards you like.
B. During each round of the event, you can exchange for up to 1 reward.

4. Network Boost Function

A. Network Boost Function is now available. It can help you improve the in-battlefield connection. This function requires both 4G and WiFi.

B. You can turn on this function by Tapping the Settings on the top right in the Main Screen -> Network Setting -> Network Boost switch, or Tapping the Settings in the battlefield -> Network Setting -> Network Boost switch.

C. This function is currently only available in Android devices. iOS is coming soon, please stay tuned!

D. This function will be available gradually, if you encounter any issues while using, feel free to contact our Customer Service. Let's make MLBB better together! Thanks for your support.

VI. System Adjustments

1. [Ranked Mode]

A. S15 will officially end on 3/20/2020 at 23:59:59 (Server Time).
B. Master or higher division players will receive rewards of the season. Clint's Skin "Witch Hunter".
C. 3-Ban will be available for Epic or higher divisions when S16 is opened for several days.

2. Squad Optimization:

A. Added new function "Transfer Leader".
B. Optimized the performance of "Nearby Squads" function.
C. Updated the rules of obtaining Active Point. Now squads having low active level can obtain active pts faster. Squads having high active level can obtain more active pts from teaming up with squad members but less pts from playing alone.
D. New feature "Squads Nearby" is available now. Players can use it to search for and join the Squads of players nearby.

3. MCL Optimizations:

A. Tournament pop-ups and layouts have been optimized. New preview feature has been added to the item rewards;

B. "History" and "Battles of Last Week" are merged;

C. The Champion List screen has been renovated.

D. When inviting a player to an MCL Lobby, the host will be notified if the player is not qualified for MCL (level too low or insufficient heroes);

E. Voice Chat feature has been added to MCL Lobby;

F. Auto Invite feature has been added to MCL Lobby to make it easier to team up with your squad members or friends;

G. The squad leader will now be notified about changing the team name in MCL when all 5 members come from the same Squad;

H. When you win the MCL championship with 4 members from your Squad, you will now be notified about viewing the championship trophy in the Squad screen;

I. Improved the MCL Start Notification

J. Added tutorial when entering the MCL screen for the first time.

K. Added "Champion Records" page in MCL Battle History, where you can see how many times and when you got the champion position.

L. Improved the reward preview screen, added preview for MCL exclusive skins.

M. Extend the display time of the MCL Champion List. Now the Champion List will be displayed till the next round MCL begins.

4. MOONTON Account

A. Added "Fast Sign Up" function. Sign up with only entering the user name and no need to verify your email.
B. Optimized the Moonton Account registration page.

5. Account Center will be available on the Official Server in late March.

A. "Sign Out All": Sign out your account on other devices by tapping your Avatar -> Account -> Account Center -> Sign Out All.

B. "3rd Party Account Disconnect": Disconnect the 3rd Party Account by verifying your 3rd party account of the Moonton account. You can find the option by tapping your Avatar -> Account -> Account Center -> 3rd Party Account Disconnect Self-service.

C. "Change Moonton Account Mail Address": Change the email address that connected with your Moonton account by tapping your Avatar -> Account -> Account Center -> Change Moonton Account Mail Address.

D. "Change Moonton Account Password": Change the password of your Moonton account by tapping your Avatar -> Account -> Account Center -> Change Moonton Account Password.

E. "Retrieve Account": If you forgot the account connected with your game progress, please proceed to the Account Center and complete the verification to retrieve your account. You can find the option by tapping your Avatar -> Account -> Account Center -> Retrieve Account.

6. When your account is logged on other devices, you will receive a notification on your old device.

7. Celestial Task: Added 10 new celestial tasks, which may show up when taking new tasks or refreshing tasks.

8. Added new achievements: MCL Champion, Tournament Expert, Fighters on Stormy Sea.

9. Live Stream: Now while watching lives, you can view the descriptions of battle spells and equipment that the streamers are using.

10. Revamped Guess Coins: they will be automatically turned into items in the Inventory; you can still use them as before.

11. Optimized the video loading speed of Livestream.

12. Optimized the in-battlefield edge display for infinity display devices.

13. Added more heroes and skins trial cards to the Hero Trial Card Pack and Skin Trial Card Pack.

14. Added more battlefield quick chat, and now you can preset 15 pieces of quick chat.

15. Now the Arcade mode battle history will be shown in Profile page.

VII. Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue in Classic and Ranked mode that 2 Freya may appear in the same team.

2. Fixed an issue that the background music will be played twice when logging in to the main screen.

3. Fixed an issue that if there are too many items in the inventory, the game may be stuttered when scrolling down on this page.

4. Fixed an issue that the resource can't be downloaded when switching the language of hero voice-overs.

5. Optimized the display logic of death replay, and most display errors of skill icons are fixed.

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