Mobile Legends Patch Notes 1.5.24 Mini-Update Review - Barats is greatly nerfed!

On November 4, 2020, the developers decided to launch a mini-update due to some unbalanced heroes that was still not corrected in the major update. This includes nerfing Barats which the developers explained that they underestimated him that is why he needs to be adjusted as soon as possible.

Aside from Barats, there are four other heroes that received major adjustments. This won't include Alucard and Terizla which received only minor adjustments that needs no more in-depth analysis.

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1. Barats

In the last patch, the developers underestimated the enhancement of his durability, making Barats one of the most tanky heroes. They hope the following adjustments will bring him back to a reasonable level.

Base Physical Defense: 25 → 12

Passive (↓):
  • For each stack of Big Guy.
  • Defense Boost: 3-6 → 2-5
  • Resilience Boost: 3% → 2%
Extra Stacks of Big Guy by Devouring the Target: 3/6/9 → 3/4/5

If you have noticed, it was a very huge nerf on his physical defense. He has now the lowest base physical defense stat among all heroes which the average base stat is 18. This will have a great impact early game since he will be most likely laned against a physical damage dealer in the sidelane.

2. Aldous

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Aldous is very weak in the early game, but it is difficult for the opponents to deal with him in the late game. Therefore, in this patch, the developers continue to enhance his early game farming and combat capabilities and nerf him in the late game.

His skill 1 was adjusted. The base damage of enhanced basic attack was increased. Its cooldown was increased in late game. But the extra damage of each stack was reduced from 7 to 6. Now that his early game capabilities are buffed, Aldous is expected to be more successful too even in higher ranks.

3. Lapu-Lapu

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The revamped Lapu-Lapu seems still lacks some combat ability in late game. That is why the developers slightly enhanced his combat ability in the late game.

The shield boost of each level-up from passive is increased from 50 to 65. This can make him take more damage and last longer in teamfights. His ultimate skill [Heavy Sword] was also buffed. The physical attack bonus of the 3rd attack is increased from 180% to 210%.

So it is not only about defense but his offense was also boosted to make him still effective in late game. Time to try the Revamped Lapu-Lapu right now!

4. Balmond

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The developers improved his ability to kill high-HP heroes. That is why his ultimate skill received a lot of adjustments. He can now deal as much as 30% extra damage of enemy's lost HP. That means it is a guaranteed kill for Balmond if he uses ultimate skill when the target only has 20% or less HP left. His passive was also boosted to strengthened his lane sustain. He received higher HP restoration from killing minions or creeps.

5. Uranus

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Aside from Barats, Uranus is also considered an S+ tier sidelaner because of his sustain. His superior HP regeneration is what makes him a better pick than other heroes aside from the fact that he has all the capabilities of a good offlaner.

That is why in this mini-update, the developers adjusted his ultimate skill and reduced its shield and HP Regen boost from 30%-50% to 20%-30%.

Uranus' base defense stats are already low and this seems the best adjustment to do now without nerfing him too much.

For those who are interested on the minor adjustments to Alucard and Terizla, here are the details based on the patch note.

Skill 2(↑): Base Damage: 270-370 → 300-400

Skill 2 Fixed the incorrect damage.

In total, seven heroes are directly affected by this mini-update. Make sure to be aware of these adjustments since this will greatly help you during the game especially when playing with these heroes as enemies or even as allies.

That's it for this patch review. Stay tuned for more news and updates!