Mobile Legends Patch Notes 1.8.06 Advanced Server Hero Adjustments to Odette, Ixia, Mathilda, and Irithel

Guild of Guardians
The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game released quite a big patch in its test server. This includes, but not limited to, the significant changes to heroes like Odette and Ixia. Meanwhile, Mathilda and Irithel received some experimental changes to wrap up the significant hero adjustments for the latest advanced server patch note 1.8.06. Here are the details about these hero adjustments along with some insights from the game developers/designers.


1. Odette buff

Based on player feedback and performance data from the official server, they felt that the adjustments made in the previous patch did not meet expectations. So they have decided to bring back the dash of her Ultimate.

[Ultimate] (↑)
New Effect: Use again while her Ultimate is active to dash in the target direction.

Odette's ultimate skill is now immune to some soft crowd control effects so the game decided to remove the dash second phase of her ultimate skill. But it seems Odette is not really overpowered despite the changes and thus, they reverted back the dash second phase of her ultimate skill. It seems that the aim really for Odette is to be a top hero option to be used more in the professional leagues.


2. Ixia buff

Ixia was strong in mid-to-late-game team fights but it took too long for her to get a proper build running, That's why the game buffed her early game potential a bit.

[Attributes] (↓)
Attack Speed Growth: 3.45% >> 2%

[Skill 1] (↑)
Damage: 125-225 + 60% Total Physical Attack >> 150-275 + 70% Total Physical Attack

[Ultimate] (↑)
New Effect: Use to increase Attack Speed by 50%.

Her skill 1 received a damage buff while her ultimate skill received a new effect. To balance things out, her attack speed growth is nerfed by 1.45% but this is compensated by the Attack Speed bonus whenever she uses her ultimate skill. The skill 1 buff is important for her early game pacing and even the bonus damage from Total Physical Attack stat is slightly buffed.


3. Mathilda buff

Experimental Changes: They want to make Mathilda's skills easier to use.

[Skill 2] (↑)
Cooldown: 15-12s >> 12s at All Levels

[Ultimate] (↑)
New Effect: Mathilda can now select an area to rush to, knocking enemies airborne in her path. (Casting her Ultimate again without selecting the target area will cause her to rush toward the current target.)

Mathilda's ultimate skill has now a new effect or mechanic. Her target selection is now more flexible which would make her easier to play indeed and land her combo. This experimental change also includes making her skill 2 have a fixed base cooldown of 12 seconds all throughout the game.


4. lrithel Experimental Changes

Irithel was a bit weak without her Ultimate, so the game reverted the previous changes and adjusted the pacing of her Ultimate instead.

[Ultimate] (~)
Cooldown: 45-39s >> 36-30s
Duration: 15s >> 10s

This recent patch note didn't indicate the previous changes that were reverted but it can be assumed that the Irithel in the original server and advance server is similar. The difference would be what was written in this patch note that includes adjustment on her ultimate skill. Her ultimate skill now has a shorter cooldown but shorter duration too.

These are the four significant hero adjustments in the latest patch note 1.8.06 advanced server. The experimental changes in this patch seems minor so they might also be applied in the next original server update or additional balance adjustments via a hotfix or emergency update. There is no July 2023 official server update but there might be on August or probably September (as it was officially announced that there will be a Project NEXT update on September 2023).

Stay tuned for more news and updates!