Mobile Legends Patch Notes 1.8.14 added more adjustments to support heroes in the Advance Server

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game is starting to redefine the meaning of what their Support heroes are. In the latest patch note 1.8.14 in the advance server, support heroes that could provide heal like Rafaela and Floryn are readjusted to make them differentiate from the game's premier healer, Estes. The formerly tagged support hero, Nana, has also been removed from the support class. The patch note explained that the support heroes should be able to give a certain buff to allies in which Nana only supports via providing crowd control so her Support class tag is removed. Here are the adjustments to Support heroes in the advance server patch 1.8.14.


1. Rafaela buff

To distinguish Rafaela from Estes and Floryn, the game made her focus on providing extra speed and toned down her healing ability.

[Skill 2] (↑)
New Effect: Clears Slow and gains Slow Immunity for 1.5s.

Speed Boost: 50% >> 30%, gains 1% extra Movement Speed for every 10 Magic Power
HP Regen for Most-Injured Ally: +100% Magic Power Bonus >> +50% Magic Power Bonus

Rafaela's skill 2 now provides slow immunity while purifying recent slow effect. The mechanic of how much the speed boost of this skill provides is also changed. In order to gain the previous 50% speed boost, Rafaela needs at least 200 Magic Power. This is easier to be done in the recent changes though as Support heroes now are encourage to buy items with Magic Power instead of defense equipments.


2. Floryn nerf

To distinguish Floryn from Estes and Rafaela, the game made her focus on boosting ally damage with extra equipment and toned down her healing ability.

[Skill 1] (↓)
Magic Power Bonus: 130% >> 100%

[Ultimate] (↓)
HP Regen: 400-550 + 140% Magic Power >> 350-500 + 120% Magic Power

Floryn is currently a top banned hero so it is understandable that she is nerfed in this patch. The previous adjustments to Floryn already made her distinguishable from Rafaela but to Estes, her heal should also be toned down. This means both Rafaela and Floryn have their healing capabilities nerfed in this recent patch note.


3. Angela nerf

Slightly reduced the late-game shield value.

[Ultimate] (↓)
Magic Power Bonus: 200%-500% >> 200%-400%

Angela is also currently becoming a menace in competitive scene and high-ranked games. One of the main reasons is her ultimate skill which is quite a game-changer in late game teamfights so this was the target of the nerf. The scaling of the shield bonus from Magic Power stat has been changes from 200/350/500 to 200/300/400. This means team should now be more careful to not just recklessly have their HP down low as Angela won't provide an overpowered shield protection now unlike before.

These are the three significant hero adjustments to Support heroes. Healing is now going to be indeed Estes' signature as Rafaela and Floryn were readjusted. Rafaela as a support now has her great unique niche which is to provide mobility to allies while Floryn has her extra equipment to boost an ally's damage. Nana is now a pure mage hero as her previous secondary role tag as Support is removed. Angela also received an adjustment to tone down her shield buff support capability.

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