Mobile Legends Patch Notes 1.8.18 added Lunox and Selena experimental adjustments in Test Server

The September 2023 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Project NEXT update is coming up to the official server. Meanwhile, the game's test server are already adding experimental adjustments for the subsequent huge updates. Patch Notes 1.8.18 Adv had two experimental hero adjustments implemented in the test server. The two heroes featured this time are the mage heroes, Lunox, and Selena. Both of these heroes has a sort of mechanic that gives them two forms. Lunox changes from Order and Chaos form while Selena receives new skills as she goes from Elven Form and Abyss Form. Here are the details from their experimental adjustments currently in the advanced server.


1. Lunox Experimental Adjustments

The game developers/designers decided to make it easier for Lunox to switch powers and add more combo possibilities for her. They also made some numerical and effects adjustments.

[Passive] (↑)
Removed Effect: Cannot benefit from cooldown reduction

Revamped Effect: When Lunox uses Power of Chaos, she gains 1 Magic Penetration for every 1% Spell Vamp; when Lunox uses Power of Order, she gains 1% Spell Vamp for every 1 Magic Penetration. Energy cap changed from 2 Order or Chaos to 1 each.

[Skill 1] (~)
Removed the former Skill 1 the "Order" skill, and replaced it with her former Skill 3

New Effect: Recovers HP upon hitting enemies (same as the former "Order" Skill 1

[Skill 2] (↓)
The same as her Skill 2 the "Chaos" skill.
Removed Effect: Enemies hit are slowed.

[Order Ultimate] (↑)
New Effect: Restores HP upon hitting enemies.

[Chaos Ultimate] (↑)
New Effect: Removes the Mana cost of Skill 2 during the Chaos Ultimate.

Her ultimate skill in both forms received respective new effects. Her skill 3 is removed so she now only has 3 skills. Her former skill 3 is now her skill 1 which is now her Order skill. Her skill 2 remains the same as it is still her Chaos skill. Her Order and Chaos skill does not share the same cooldown anymore. Aside from these, the details on her passive skill changes is also noteworthy.


2. Selena Experimental Adjustments

The game want to improve Selena's combo sequence, and make her work both for Mid Lane and the Jungle.

[Passive] (~)
Max Mark Stacks on Target: 2 >> 1

[Skill 1 (Elven)] (↑)
Apply the Abyssal Mark when enemies trigger the trap, but no longer apply it when the Abyssal Devil explodes.

The explosion radius roughly doubled, and damage to Minions also mark them.

New Effect: Greatly increased the damage against Creeps and Minions.

[Skill 2 (Elven)]
Removed Effect: Hitting an enemy applies the Abyssal Mark.
Removed Effect: Hitting an enemy grants Movement Speed.

New Effect: Deals extra damage to Minions on its path.
New Effect: Upon hitting an enemy with Selena's Skill 2, she can immediately cast her Skill 1 (Human) on the enemy hit regardless of distance.

[Skill 1 (Abyssal)]
New Effect: Hitting a marked enemy now refreshes the cooldown of Skill 2 (Abyssal).
Removed the mana cost.

[Skill 2 (Abyssal)]
Removed the mana cost.

In order to improve Selena's jungle clear, her skill 1 in Elven form now received a great increased in damage against Creeps and Minions. Her skill 2 in Elven form also now deals damage to minions on its path. Meanwhile in her Abyssal form, both of her skills in this form now does not consume mana.

images - 2023-09-12T182047.280.jpeg

These experimental adjustments are not expected to be included in the upcoming Project NEXT update this September 19, 2023. The test server might also revert the hero experimental adjustments few days before the global update. The next advance server patch note might indicate which of the previous adjustments in these past month will pushed through in the official server to be implemented globally.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!