Mobile Legends Patch Notes 1.8.22 Advance Server Experimental Hero Adjustments including Revamps

There are more hero revamps coming up in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game as the latest patch notes in its advance server revealed adjustments to Lunox and Moskov. Aside from Revamped Lunox and Revamped Moskov, Patch Notes 1.8.22 Advance Server made experimental adjustments to Joy and readjusted Selena. Here are the insights from the Patch Notes to explain why the game made these changes along with the specific details on each experimental and revamp adjustments.


1. Joy Experimental adjustments

The game developers/designers wanted to make it easier for Joy's opponents to deal with her, while at the same time making her less difficult to play. Joy's enemy can now interrupt her Skill 2 with CCs (crowd control). Joy should now look for the right time to enter the fight. But she still has options if her Skill 2 is interrupted.

[Skill 2] (↓)
Removed Effect: Immune to control effects during Beat Time!.

Cooldown: 12-9s >> 6-4s

[Ultimate] (↑)
Her Ultimate now unlocks after she casts her Skill 2 on beat once, but her Ultimate damage still scales with the number of Skill 2 casts on beat.

Her Ultimate with 4 Skill 2 casts on beat makes her immune to control effects during the Ultimate.

Cooldown: 40-24s >> 24-20s
Damage: 150-270 +55% Total Magic Power >> 135-245 +50% Total Magic Power

Multiple skill hits on the same target will deal 20% less damage each time, down to 20% >> 15% less damage each time, down to 55%.

Now her ultimate skill is easier to trigger and rewards players that utilizes her skill 2 well. The CC immunity from skill 2 is now transferred to her ultimate skill. This will make Joy less overpowered as players now need to be more careful in diving using her skill 2.


2. Revamped Lunox Adjustments

They've decided not to add or remove Lunox's skills, but they'll keep the adjustments to her power stacks and other parts. Also, they'll keep an eye on the adjustments to her Passive that converts her attribute. The following are the adjustments made based on the skills available on the Official Server.

[Passive] (↑)
Changed the stack cap from 2 Order or Chaos to 1 each.

New Effect: Lunox's skills can now benefit from the Cooldown Reduction bonuses.

Revamped Effect: Based on Lunox's form, her Spell Vamp and Percentage Magic Penetration are now converted to one another at the ratio of 1:1.25.

[Skill 2 (Chaos)] (↓)
No longer slows enemies by 10%.

[Ultimate (Order)] (↓)
No longer slows enemies.

Cooldown: 28-20s >> 30-20s
[Ultimate (Chaos)] (~)

Her Skill 2 no longer costs mana during her Ultimate in Chaos form.

Added the visual effects of her damage area after she casts the Ultimate.

Cooldown: 25-15s >> 30-20s

One of the significant changes for this Revamped Lunox is the new effect of her passive. Her passive skill also received a revamped effect and the switching from Order to Chaos is now easier. In exchange, her active skills also received several changes like some effects are removed to balance her out.


3. Selena buff

They've decided to stop adjusting Selena's marks and only keep some of the basic experience optimizations for the following tests. The following are the adjustments made based on the skills available on the Official Server.

[Skill 1 (Elven)] (~)
New Effect: Marks can now be applied to Minions.

Damage adjustments to non-hero targets are the same as to heroes.

Slightly increased the explosion range.

Fixed an issue where the actual slow effect of the first strike did not match its description.

[Skill 1 (Abyssal)] (↑)
New Effect: Hitting a marked enemy now refreshes the cooldown of her Skill 2 (Abyssal).

Removed the mana cost.

[Skill 2 (Abyssal)] (↑)
Removed the mana cost.

[Ultimate] (~)
Cooldown: 5.5-3s (does not benefit from Cooldown Reduction) >> 4.5s (does benefit from Cooldown Reduction)

For her Elven Form, her skill 1 received several adjustments such as a new effect that this skill now marks Minions. For her Abyss Form, her skills now does not consume mana and her ultimate skill now benefits from Cooldown Reduction stat. Players can now explore new combos for Selena including the consideration of her ultimate skill that has now a lower cooldown in early game.


4. Revamped Moskov Adjustments

The new effect of Moskov's Ultimate has given him new possibilities, so they're nerfing the other effects of his Ultimate hit and hoping that the new effect is used more often.

They also want Moskov to be able to teleport directly to a location with his Ultimate instead of having to move again with Skill 1 to get the Attack Speed boost. So they'll give his Ultimate an Attack Speed bonus, but slightly nerf his Attack Speed bonuses while he's not using his Ultimate.

[Skill 1] (↓)
Attack Speed Boost: 1.15-1.5x >> 1.15-1.4x

[Ultimate] (~)
New Effect: The second strike of his Ultimate now boosts Attack Speed like his Skill 1.

Longest Slow Duration Possible: 5s >> 3s
Ultimate Cooldown: 55-45s >> 46-40s
Base Damage: 600-800 >> 500-700
Penetrate Damage: 780-1040 + 130% Total Physical Attack >> 550-770 + 110% Total Physical Attack

His ultimate skill received several changes but in exchange, his skill 1 is nerfed. The new effect of his ultimate skill is similar with his skill 1. Aside from the attack speed boost, his ultimate skill also now has shorter cooldown.

These are the significant hero adjustments brought by the latest advance server patch note. This is the first test server update after the implementation of September 2023 Project NEXT in official server. The game's test server tends to update every week so watch out for the upcoming hero adjustments and other in-game changes that might be implemented in the next global server update.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!