Mobile Legends Patch Notes 1.8.76 Advanced Server feature adjustment to non-Tank heroes

Guild of Guardians
The changes in the defense equipments of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) made the game to also balance out the attributes of its tank heroes to make their bulk natural instead of relying on items. That’s why the past several adjustments in the game’s advanced server are more on tank heroes changes. In the latest patch notes 1.8.76 advanced server, it also featured changes to the other hero classifications. Esmeralda is a hero that is primarily a mage hero but is also classified as tank as its secondary role. The game might have made inaccurate assumptions and estimations and thus, Esmeralda has also received adjustments in this patch note. The highlights of patch notes 1.8.76 which are the changes to Esmeralda and some non-tank heroes are listed below.


1. Esmeralda buff

[Attributes] (↑)
Physical Defense Growth: 4.3 >> 7.3
Magic Defense Growth: 2.5 >> 4

Players especially in the competitive scene don’t see Esmeralda as high anymore as when she was in her peak as a top EXP laner. The game developers/designers might have also just figured out that Esmeralda isn’t really naturally bulky as they may have initially intended. Thus, her attributes were further increased in this update. Once these adjustments would be released globally in the original server, Esmeralda may probably return to shine back at the battlefield.


2. Hayabusa buff

Experience Optimization: Both Ling and Lancelot can use Retribution during their Ultimates (Invincibility) to get income from neutral creeps or to deal damage. And Hayabusa needs to be able to do that as well.

[Ultimate] (↑)
Retribution can now be used while casting Ultimate.

They think that Hayabusa should also be able to use Retribution while his Ultimate skill is active, similar to the other assassin jungler options. The current metagame in the original server still favors tank junglers. There are some that are still picked from time to time like Nolan and Fanny but with this buff, Hayabusa can now contest and be considered more in that jungler slot.


3. Harith nerf

Reducing foreswing on Skill 1 is too much of a boost for Harith, and they're going to balance that out with a small reduction in his damage.

[Skill 1] (↓)
Base Damage: 236-376 +84% of Total Magic Power >> 235-335 +75% of Total Magic Power
Explosion Damage: 590-940 +210% of Total Magic Power >> 590-840 +190% of Total Magic Power

This isn’t really a nerf but more like a balancing adjustment considering the buff on the reduced foreswing of his skill 1. Harith would still be able to deal a similar amount of damage with his full skill combo since the previous buff just makes Harith be able to cast more attacks during the Ultimate skill activation. The numbers in this adjustment may also have been calculated based on the impact of Harith’s buff before to make him balance, just the right amount of damage potential on par with other hero options.


4. Julian buff

[Passive] (↑)
Enhanced Basic Attack's Magic Power Bonus: 90% >> 100%

This is a small buff to Julian as even in the current professional tournament scene, players don’t consider Julian that much viable. The game seems being careful and thus only buff Julian gradually to test in what threshold Julian would be overpowered. They will consider nerfing Julian if his performance after this buff shows that he seems to deal too much damage now with that 10% increase in the bonus damage that he gets from his magic power stat via passive’s enhanced basic attack.

The adjustments listed above highlighted the changes to Esmeralda and some non-tank heroes in the test server patch note 1.8.76. The game also tested adjustments to Lolita, a tank/support hero that players in the professional scene generally don’t think highly of either. It’s been more than three weeks since the previous original server update, which just includes additional balance adjustments and not a total game version overhaul update. That’s why players are now starting to watch out as an update might be coming up any moment soon.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!