Mobile Legends Patch Review - Mage Bane is the new META!

Bane had been one of the least used heroes and his very low pick rate caught the attention of the developers. With Patch 1.5.62, Bane was hugely adjusted to hopefully make him stronger and more viable in the current battlefield situation.

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Here are the notes from the developers written in Patch Note 1.5.62:

Following extensive testing, we've finally decided Bane's ready for everyone to try out. In this round of adjustments, we retained and enhanced his high damage dealing characteristics, and slightly increased both his survivability and mobility. More importantly, we've made different Bane builds possible so that he can adjust to the ever-changing battlefield. You can continue to choose physical-focused equipment, and cast Skill 1 and enhanced Basic Attacks to poke from a safe distance, but now it's also possible to use new magic builds and get up close and personal, wiping out squishy enemies. You can even focus instead on building Bane's survivability, and shuttle across the battlefield as you please!

As before, Bane can get seriously strong in the late game but must first push through the early game, in which he's relatively weak. Enemies can capitalize on this, and try to prevent him gaining equipment early on. Overall, we're hoping that Bane gets a warm reception from you all!

All of Bane's skills from passive up to his ultimate skill have changes. Let's discuss it one by one.

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For his passive, these are the adjustments
  • Damage of enhanced Basic Attacks: 160-190% → 150-200%
  • Optimized the display of buff stacks on the Passive icon.
  • 100 stacks display the same effect as that of 20 stacks before this patch.
The damage of his enhanced basic attacks was weakened for the early game but strengthened in the late game to balance him out.

For his skill 1,

Cooldown: 6-3.5s → 6-4s

New Effect:
The cooldown reduces by 0.05% for each point of Physical Attack (multiplication applied after cooldown reduction calculations).

Physical Attack Bonus: 140% → 160%

The increase in the physical attack bonus makes skill 1 deal greater damage with Physical Attack Items. Physical attack stats now also reduces the cooldown of skill 1 which is a great addition to the effect of his skill 1.

For his skill 2,
  • Cooldown: 10 → 7.5s-4.5s.
  • Cooldown Calculation: Cast Start → Cast End
New Effect: The cooldown reduces by 0.08% for each point of Magic Power (multiplication applied after cooldown reduction calculations).
  • Movement Speed Increase: 25% → base of 50% but decays quickly
  • Minimum Damage: 100-300 + 120% Physical Attack → 180-380 + 180% Magic Power
  • HP Regen: 260-460 + 200% Magic Power = 160-285 + 10% of lost HP + 200% Magic Power
His skill 2 got many adjustments! It gained a similar effect just like his skill 1 but for his skill 2, it will be Magic Power. His damage and HP Regen will all depend on his magic power.

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For his ultimate skill,
  • Damage Type: Physical Damage → Magic Damage
  • Damage: 500-900 + 160% Physical Attack → 600-1000 + 200% Magic Power
Optimized all skill descriptions, and added recommended builds for playing Bane as magic DPS/Tank.

His ultimate skill was also changed from being a physical type of damage to magic thus to enhance the damage, magic power items are now needed to maximize this skill.

Overall, Bane is now really flexible. Magic Power Items are now recommended to maximize the changes on his skill 2 and ultimate skill. The additional base damage and bonus damage make Bane a better burst hero.

Have you tried out the buffed Bane? If not, make sure to apply what you've learned here and try him out.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!