Mobile Legends Performance Optimization


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Jul 7, 2019
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What's the secret to get rid of stuttering team fights? What has MLBB done to reduce stuttering issues?

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Q: Why does game stuttering still happen while playing?

A: There are many reasons for the problem, such as the game settings, the stability of the mobile phone system, the quality of the mobile phone hardware, etc. In order to deal with these problems, we have set up strict standards to optimize the game environment, and have strict control over the management of resources and operation. We'll spare no efforts in minimizing stuttering issues.

Q: Why am I stuck at the loading screen? How to solve this problem?

A: When this situation happens, a lot of factors are to blame, such as network connection, resource loading, compatibility, etc. Any tiny problem may lead to a failure in entering the game. If you can't solve the problem, please seek help from Customer Service.

Q: The game is unstable and I can't either control my hero or target enemies with my skills. How do I fix this?

A: Different solutions can be used in different scenarios. If the ping is too high and shows red in the game, it means the network is not good, we suggest you switch to 4G/Wifi, or go to somewhere with better network environment to continue; if the phone is hot, we suggest you cool down the phone in a reasonable way and try again; if there's insufficient phone memory, we suggest you close some background apps and try again.

Q: What efforts have you made on improving FPS?

A: We are constantly working on improving the FPS, including but not limited to improving the standard of hero skill design, improving the efficiency of script running, and optimizing resource management.

Q: Why are there game stuttering and loading problems every time after I update to a new patch? Are these problems caused by too frequent updates?

A: When updating, some game resources will be processed, which will increase its phone memory usage. When the game memory usage has reached a certain level, the system will start to clean up the memory, which may cause crash or stuttering. This problem is usually solved by restarting the game after the updating is finished.

Q: I'm stuck at the reconnecting screen and unable to enter the room. Why and how to solve?

A: It's more than likely that you are disconnected from network. We suggest using another app or browser to verify if there is network problem. If there is, it is recommended to switch to 4G/WiFi network or go to somewhere with better network to continue.

Q: In the hero picking phase, I'm stuck at the screen and then forced to exit the game. Why and how to solve?

A: When you're picking heroes, it will trigger the loading of HD hero resources. If there's insufficient phone memory, the game is likely to be forced to stop. We suggest you close some background apps and try again. If this happens often times, we suggest you switch to "Smooth" quality of graphics in the game settings. A poor network status may also trigger the disconnection with the server. The system will try to restart the game if you can't connect for a long time. We suggest you play the game somewhere with a better network.

To provide smoother battle experience, what on earth did MLBB do? Is there less stuttering in the game?