Mobile Legends Popular Tank Heroes for New Season 26 - Lolita highlights in the MLBB Weekly Report

The metagame for the new season of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is starting to stabilize. After a huge patch note that adjusted many things for this new season 26, players had to adapt and explore the new battlefield situation. The official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Facebook page finally revealed some first-hand information especially about the popular tank heroes for Season 26 and also released a weekly report for the first week of October 2022.


In both the weekly report and the new season express, Lolita is emphasized as not only she appeared in both but she has the highest win rate amongst all ranks with a build recommendation and skill combo featured in a post. But it is not only Lolita that appeared in both, Atlas can also be seen in other heroes with high win rate along with Phoveus and in the recommended heroes to rank up along with Melissa. Atlas is also among the three most popular tank heroes currently for Season 26 along with Lolita and Grock.

Lolita's recommended build consists of Tough Boots, Dominance Ice, Immortality, Athena's Shield, Antique Cuirass, and Radiant Armor. Her skill combo is skill 1 then use ult plus flicker then use skill 2. Lolita has a very high win rate with 58.50%. She is definitely a good hero in many situations even though she is not necessarily a staple.


Meanwhile, the current trend of Grock and Atlas are balanced by the presence of hero, Diggie. And usually in order to break that balance, Lolita can be picked. Melissa is also becoming a staple and should be kept in mind not only in-game but also in drafting. Another hero with high win rate in Phoveus is also usually a counterpick like Lolita thus, they probably have high win rate because they are tend to be picked at a right time.

This sums up the new season express report about the popular tank heroes for Season 26 and the MLBB weekly report. There might be new contents for ML: BB in the next few days and the weekly report might be a regular thing. Check out and wait for the announcements in the official social media platforms of ML:BB.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!