Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines Main Qualifiers Day 2 - Two teams qualified for the Regular Season

The Main Qualifiers continued as the remaining teams need to survive to be part of the only two available slots for the regular season. Here are the results of the MPL-PH S7 Main Qualifiers Day 2:


Match 1: World Challenger Vs. Aether Main

World Challenger continued their dominance as they got another sweep against Aether Main. Reech Apex will be the one meeting Aether Main in the lower bracket.

Match 2: Arkangel Vs. Empire Monarch

Arkangel also got another sweep as they managed to beat Empire Monarch 2-0. Laus Playbook Esports will be Empire Monarch's opponent in the lower bracket.

Match 3: Aether Main Vs. Reech Apex

The third 2-0 of the day was done by Aether Main. Reech Apex is now eliminated from the qualifiers

Match 4: Empire Monarch Vs. Laus Playbook Esports

Laus Playbook Esports survived another do-or-die series as they won against Empire Monarch 2-1.

Match 5: World Challenger Vs. Arkangel

World Challenger finished the main qualifiers without being beaten even a single game. They also swept Arkangel to finally secure the first of the two remaining slots for the regular season

Match 6: Laus Playbook Esports Vs. Aether Main

Laus Playbook Esports swept Aether Main 2-0 as they continue their hot winning streak. Aether Main also exits the qualifier.

Match 7: Arkangel Vs. Laus Playbook Esports

This is the decider for the team that will get the last slot for the regular season. Only two of them remained and it was an intense series. Laus Playbook Esports only lost to World Challenger in the very first match of the main qualifiers thus they passed through many matches. But in the end, Laus Playbook Esports won against Arkangel and secured the last slot for the regular season!


At the end of the day, World Challenger and Laus Playbook Esports are the two teams that will join the other eight direct invite teams in the MPL PH Season 7 Regular Season.

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