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Nov 4, 2018
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In the Land of Dawn, Agate symbolizes happiness and wealth, and has meaning of a deep friendship. It shows encouragement and recognition from partners.

Profile Gifts Agate

Exquisite gift box with sweet cocoa. It becomes the most delicious chocolate in the Land of Dawn after the deployment. The silky and changeable taste is the interpretation of Layla's passion for friendship.

Layla's Chocolate

The birth of Angela's Doll is destined that she is toy artwork. Behind the exquisite design, there is a kind of extraordinary feeling in it, which also makes countless Collectors so favored. Thus it becomes a popular toy of the whole Land.

Angela's Doll

It's more of a symbol of a great magician than just a magic hat, from which countless of surprises would jump out. Magic is not a trick, says Harley. Then he reaches into the magic hat and grabs a gift for you

Harley's Magic Hat

The Angel Ark was made by Layla's father. He was focused on technological inventions and spent less time on family. In order to show this love to his wife and daughter, he planned to create the Angel Ark, an aircraft that could travel all over the Land of Dawn. However, he didn't keep his promise because of the Magic Cannon. When Layla's father disappeared, she gave the Angel Ark to Dr. Rooney. Dr. Rooney recognized the feelings of her father, He then made a change to the Angel Ark. It's a symbol of responsibility and recognition, also a gift with deep love.

Angel Ark

Leo is a clever Smilodon who is always accompanied by Irithel. Because Leo is Irithel's best friend, she made this Little Leo Plushie to remember the happy times with him. This Plushie symbolizes loyalty and bravery.

New Profile Gifts Adorable Smilodon

The heirloom of the Onmyoujis, also the thing that Kagura values most. The Seimei Umbrella not only symbolizes wisdom, but also carries the blessing of the Onmyoujis. As the most talented Onmyouji Master, Kagura regards the Seimei Umbrella as her best partner.

Kagura's Seimei Umbrella

Paradise Island lies in the southeast of the Land of Dawn, at the edge of the Islands. This heart-shaped island is also known as the place of dreams among the local people. It is said that this island is created by an angel. They created Paradise Island first, and then built the Eden according to it.

Paradise Island