Mobile Legends Project Create Skin Kadita Heart of the Sea Skin Preview

Project Create is a design contest of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game where it is open to players so they could submit their entry. The best design winner will be the one that will be a permanent skin in-game. For the fourth skin design contest, the best design winner is Kadita - Heart of the Sea. The design of this skin was created by someone with a username of Fzlthirty. This skin was released in-game on July 3, 2024 and there is also a preview available in the official YouTube channel of MLBB so that players can see not only its skill effects but also some of the resources and content embedded in this new skin.


The preview started by showing her Idle Animation along with the Entrance Background for this skin. Not every skin in MLBB has their own background and Idle Animation since it only belongs to skin with the Project Create tag and similar or higher rarity tags. In terms of her visual model, this skin incorporates elements such as the “million-year-old Dragon-headed fish”. Kadita is wearing a traditional ethnic attire suitable for a mermaid found in a clear coastal water. Next, her skill effects were demonstrated starting from her passive Thalassophobia. She is surrounded by a shield with some fishes swimming around it. Then, she summons a bigger fish when she uses her active skills.


Make sure to take advantage of the 50% OFF discount of this skin which will last until July 16, 2024. Check out the actual visuals and contents in-game too since graphics also vary depending on in-game settings. This skin can be bought in the Shop tab in-game so just look at the available skins there and find Kadita - Heart of the Sea to be able to obtain this skin.

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