Mobile Legends Project NEXT 2023 will start off with Revamping Layla's model, weapon, and Eruditio Lore

Project NEXT is the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's continuous development project of the game. Starting off 2023, the game has announced the first plan for this year's Project NEXT update. A YouTube series called Project NEXT Express is where the game is giving the players some information on the upcoming update which can be found in the official MLBB YouTube channel. Here are what were announced in the Project NEXT Express 2023 number 1.


The marksman hero, Layla, will be receiving another revamp yet to her character model. She is now modeled after a school girl thus modifying her previous maid-like outfit into a school uniform. The coloring is also now changed into a lighter blue-shade palette. The school theme is based on Layla being an Eruditio student, which is the area in the Land of Dawn known for knowledge in science and technology.


Her weapon also got a new look without changing much of its previous design. The Project NEXT Express video explained that her weapon will look fragile and unfinished since based on her lore, it is supposed to be just a prototype weapon. Another added element to Layla is a trinket filled with memories as the video mentioned.

Here is the first Project NEXT Express video for 2023:

Layla's lore will also be revamped and it seems Land of Dawn has acquired new key locations. It is expected that these new areas are somehow connected to Layla's backstory and reason why she is battling at the present. The areas revealed in the video were Spire of Knowledge, Canal Quarter, and Underground Ruins.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!