Mobile Legends Project NEXT: FAQ


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Jul 7, 2019
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Project NEXT is officially online! In order to help players get familiar with the new patch, we've collected the frequently-asked questions and prepared the answers accordingly.

Why is the Mini-map Changed?

After comparing the previous mini-map and the new one, it is obvious to tell that key elements such as hero position, turret, and creep are more distinctive in contrast to the terrain. Players can now get a clearer look at the battlefield from the mini-map.

Since the mini-map is a very important source for players to get information, we removed a bunch of complex materials that used to be on the mini-map, in order to make it simpler and clearer.

We're aware that some players may feel uncomfortable with this change, and we are closely following up players' feedbacks and will make further adjustments regarding this matter in the next week or so if necessary.

Why Do I Have to Select Retribution Spell in Order to Use Jungle Equipment Items?

In the new patch, we made the Jungle Equipment items only purchasable for Retribution wielders. The reason behind this change is that in the previous patches, it happens quite often that the Jungle resources get taken by other players instead of the Jungle play-ers, which was a great impact on Junglers' game experience. After this change was made, the occurrence of this problem dropped significantly, while most heroes can still farm relatively well in the two side lanes.

We expect to see an adaption period from our players in order to fully get used to this change. In order to help, we've also prepared new tutorials and guide videos about Project NEXT which will be gradually released in the near future. Hope you will find them help-ful when they come out.

Why Are the Icons of Equipment Items Changed?

We started the optimization of the Equipment Icon in pursuit of building a more significant connection between the icon and the name and utility of the Equipment item. Thus we've made optimizations regarding aspects such as the Equipment tier, appearance, resolution, etc.

In order to do so, we simplified some details of the Equipment items that have been in the game for quite a while. Regarding the matter that this change may induce, we will keep a close eye on how players react to this change, and make further adjustments after enough research is done and our players' voice is fully heard.

Why Did the Game Client Get Bigger After the Update?

Due to some issues with the pre-download event, the resource that was pre-downloaded would temporarily take up more space than it was supposed to. This situation was automatically resolved when all resource was downloaded after the official server updat-ed, on September 21st.

We are deeply sorry about the inconvenience caused and have already sent out a gift to all players who took part in the pre-down-load event as a token of our apology.

We will try our best to prevent this kind of issue from occurring in the future. Thank you so much for your understanding and sup-port.