Mobile Legends Project NEXT June 2024 Bonus Events - Free JJK pulls, Journey of Valor, and more

The June 2024 Project NEXT update of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game is now released globally in its original server. There are several events that the game has released officially in order to give thanks to the players for their continuous support to the game. There are many discounts and free rewards that the game is giving away via Bonus Events. The rewards include, but not limited to, the following: Free skins, emotes, hero selection chest, and other in-game items. Here are some details on the Bonus Events that all players should know.


One of the events that is already currently ongoing is the Jujutsu Kaisen (JJK) and MLBB Collaboration event. There is an event task where players can get free 10x pulls. The tasks do not require recharging and could be completed just by being active and playing a certain number of matches to achieve the conditions. Another event is the Surprise Box which is available until July 2, 2024. Players could open this Epic Box and they have a chance to get a Collector skin. The Super Value Pack Event is also now online until July 18, 2024. In this event, the players will purchase a pack which costs 50 diamonds only and they can get a Normal skin, prioritizing unowned ones.

Another major event ongoing right now is the Journey of Valor event. The main reward is a free Special skin. The special skins in the reward pool are worth 749 diamonds each. The reward could be claimed by exchanging for the special skin selection chest. Since it is a selection chest, it is expected that players could have an option to select the skin that they want and not be rewarded with a random skin. It means the players could really get the skin that they wanted the most out of the reward pool. The exchange item in this event is called Marks of Valor. Players can obtain and collect this item via completing tasks as simple as logging in, finishing a certain number of matches, and also rewards players who will achieve a gold medal. Special Skin selection chest costs 150 Marks of Valor while Hero Selection Chest costs 80.


The special skins in the selection chest are the following: Hanzo “Insidious Tutor”, Zhask “Extraterrestial”, Chang’e “Floral Elfo”, Kimmy “Charge Leader”, Estes “Crow Bishop”, Hylos “Phantom Seer”, Baxia “Ba-tender”, Tigreal “Gold Baron”, Chou ”Furious Tiger”, and Jawhead “The Nutcracker”. Players could get one out of those ten special skins. This Journey of Valor event is just until July 4, 2024 so make sure to be as active as possible in these upcoming days to maximize the rewards to claim.

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