Mobile Legends Project NEXT September 2021 - Upcoming Revamped Brawl Mode and New Visual Improvements

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Project NEXT continues to provide developments to the game. The upcoming game improvements are shown in a promotional video called Project NEXT Express. The latest episode of Project NEXT Express features the details of the revamped brawl mode and other in-game changes.


It was announced that the four heroes to be revamped: Hayabusa, Kagura, Odette, and Lancelot, will also receive new entrance animations. The before and after comparison was shown in the promotional video.


Harper, a character in the Magic Chess mode, will also received a revamped look. From having a round design, it will become a creature with a more emphasized ears, arms, and legs.


One of the main highlights of this update is the Revamped Brawl Mode. The positioning of the bushes will be optimized. The jungle creeps will be removed and be replaced by potions that will grant effects. The turtle is also planned to appear in this revamped brawl mode.


Here's the latest Youtube video of Project Next Express:

There might be more announcements to come and there might also be changes that may still be made when the actual change is applied in the game.

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