Mobile Legends Project NEXT Skill and Interface Revamp upcoming for September 2021

Aside from Hero and UI, the huge update on September 2021 will also include revamps on the Interface and skills of the revamped heroes. Some of the details are teased in a trailer posted in their official Youtube channel and here are the things to know about the Skill and Interface Revamp.


First, the four heroes to be revamped will not only be given a visual development but also enhancement of their skills. Kagura's umbrella will have a larger hitbox and her ultimate skill will be easier to land. For Odette, her skill 2 will have better AoE and her ultimate skill will have a short blink.

About Hayabusa, what's highlighted is the improved visual of his ultimate skill. Meanwhile, Lancelot received a great adjustment on his skill 1 to lessen its difficulty. The exact details of the adjustments will be released in the patch note soon.


The next thing that was discussed is about the Interface Revamp. Aside from the visual improvements for the main screen, the event hall was also given emphasis for the update.


The noticeable change will be the frameless interface. The partitions will be less visible to not take up more space and make the overall visual clearer and better. A before and after comparison are shown in the video trailer.


Here is the official video trailer from their Youtube Channel:

As always, these information and details are subject to change. But these provided a detailed overview on what to expect on the future.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!