Mobile Legends Project NEXT: Statistics and a Promise for More

Mobile Legends has been an undisputed mobile MOBA for a long time and because of its accessibility, popularity via word of mouth, and the reputation it has from various people in the world. There's no doubt that it is here to stay to compete with the various games that will pop out in the mobile gaming industry, so they need to do their best to keep their head in the game.

Mobile Legends Project NEXT a.png

That's why they have spearheaded a program to keep the game fresh with various revamps and revisions that will make the game stay fresh for the players. Mobile Legends: Project NEXT.

Mobile Legends Project NEXT b.jpg

We have covered Project NEXT extensively in the past months with their various hero and background revamps and edits which have made the game more pleasing aesthetically and mechanically.

Some of the examples here are the hero changes. Here are the stats that they have provided: There have been 8 Revamped Skills, 16 New Splash Art, 10 New Hero Design, 16 New Display Animation, and 15 New Battle Effects. The new skills have definitely impacted the game for the better or the worse, depends on your perspective. The rest have made the game look more authentic than their old self.

Mobile Legends Project NEXT c.png

As for the Battlefield Effects, these changes have made the game better to look at as the animations and the effects can bring immersion to the game and definitely interest players in what they are seeing in front of them. Some have better animations while some have great UI to look at to.

It may not be great mechanically but enjoying what you can see can help you play the game more despite repeatedly playing it. Here are the statline for it. 31 General Battlefield Effects, 13 Equipment Effects, 7 Battlefield Effects, 9 Battlefield UI Effects, 9 Skill Range Indicator changes.

Mobile Legends Project NEXT d.png

Finally, we delve into the Revamped UI and Icons. The game is very pleasing and we can see that changes are really taking place but having a great user interface is one of the subtle ways that players stay in the game. I know that some of the games I play have great UI which makes me want to admire the game and play more. Such an example is Arknights, but I digress. Mobile Legends have made quite some changes in terms of icons and UI to make the game look more updated and up-to-par with the current trends.

As for these statistics, there have been 5 New Other UI, 8 New Battlefield UI, and finally a huge 62 New Equipment Icons. These make the game look fresh as stated earlier and it does make their appeal greater for the players' eyes.

Mobile Legends Project NEXT e.png

Project NEXT has shown that Mobile Legends can elevate itself to its greatest potential ever. All they need is to keep it up and for the fans to keep making inputs that they can see so that they can develop changes both based on player input and their analysis via the balance team in their crew. At the end of the video, they said the Project: NEXT is here and "will continue" so this is a great promise for good things to come in the game!

Let's hope that they will keep making these in the future as they are here to stay in the mobile gaming market.